Clouds in my coffee.


Today I visited a lovely new coffee bar in Ghent. Great place to read a book, to do some crocheting or have a nice chat with a lovely friend (like I did today). I’m in love with their great styling of the bar, beautiful cushions on the bench, garlands in the air, very friendly baristas and great music. Oh, and don’t forget the delicious pies and the constant great aroma of coffee that fills the whole space.

I highly recommand this place.
So if you might visit Ghent one day, go for a coffee up there.

Clouds in my coffee
Dendermondsesteenweg 104
9000 Gent
more info






(Next week I’ll go back for more pictures)


8 Responses to “Clouds in my coffee.”

  1. Anita Says:

    From the little sneak peek you’ve given us today it looks divine!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Oh, Hermine, ik was daar ook vanmiddag (maar dan op bezoek bij m’n tante). Het meisje met het streepjestruitje op de foto waar je vriendin naar kijkt is mijn mama: die foto’s zijn vakantiefoto’s van als ze klein was.

  3. Beautiful photography ! Love the table decor and the glasses. The atmosphere is so serene.

  4. Teresa Says:

    Looks like a lovely place!

    Congratulations on being part of the pop-up store and on the interview. I liked it a lot!

  5. Chiara Says:


  6. karin Says:

    Oh, I didn´t see this one. Next time…

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