Textile letters.


During my graduation project I was searching for a way to integrate my letter project in my concept. Because it’s such an important thing of who I am, and I really wanted to show it to ‘the world’.

After some thinking I decided to make a small project called ‘Textile letters’, which was especially created for my graduation project. The idea of it was: I made some letters, all the same. In the package were fabrics, a colour scheme, inspiration images, … . I send this letter to 5 very talented people, Renilde De Peuter (BE), Inge Slock (BE), Karen Barbé (CH), Louise Mills (UK) and Karina Rios (DM). And asked them if they could create something with the letter I’ve send them. They were totally free to do wathever they wanted to do. Afterwards they had to return their creations back to me, so they could be exhibited at my graduation show.

You must be wondering why I’m doing this kind of project ? Well, I think it’s very interesting how several people interpret something in their own way. It goes from an universal package, to a personal story. And I find that very touching. It’s a sing that, however people might be inspired by the same colours, images or techniques, everyone will turn it in their own world. That’s what creativity and personality is about.

I just want to thank Renilde, Inge, Karen, Louise and Karina a million. Because I didn’t said that enough. You work was so beautiful, and I’m still overwhelmed by all the time you’ve given to create something for the projects. Can’t express how grateful I am.

Soon more pictures of the project, because there is a lot more to show.





Inge Slock


Renilde De Peuter


Louise Mills

Karen Barbé

Karina Rios

15 Responses to “Textile letters.”

  1. wsake Says:

    this so amazing – such a brilliant idea and such beautiful created pieces!

  2. Waaw, supermooi allemaal! Als ik prentjes naar jou stuur in Parijs, maak je dan ook iets moois? 🙂 (to be returned)

  3. Caterine Says:


  4. Patrice A. Says:

    wat een prachtig idee
    (ik las er al een beetje over
    op de weblog van Inge)
    en wat een verrassend resultaat


  5. Verónica Says:

    wow! There’s no doubt you’ve received a valuable piece of art from each one of them, and I’m sure that at the exhibition it looked like a great artwork altogether!

    Best wishes :)*

  6. Anita Says:

    This is completely wonderful and what an inspired idea!

  7. I loved being a part of this project!
    Thanks Hermine x

  8. paravent Says:

    I really love this. Fantastic idea and such brilliant replies! I just love how different they all are. So wonderful 🙂 Kx

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! great great idea and great results!!!! Gaëlle.

  10. I’m glad you liked what I send back to you, and I loved beeing part of it!

  11. Aan deze opdracht heb ik zo graag gewerkt! Ik moet jou bedanken, dat ik die kans kreeg.

  12. […] For my graduation project I did something with letters, called ‘textile letters’, more information up here. […]

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