New work.


Today, I worked together with Maria, a sweet friend, in her temporary atelier. We both worked on our own projects, with some music, and crazy dances.

I took pictures of the cushions that I’m making for an event that Alessandra is organizing. And made name-tags to attach to my products (the cushions and woven items). They still need some text, like my name, washing instructions, but I still like them. Colorful and happy.

It feels so good to work all day long.










9 Responses to “New work.”

  1. I travel and I hope that I can work a lot when I go back. A lot of project for this year.
    I can feel the great energy from this place.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Ik hou van de kleuren die je kiest!

  3. Elle Says:

    Your work and energy are so inspiring Hemine. Sweet to come here breathing your universe. Thanks to share your temporary ateliers too.

  4. ally Says:

    i love them on the walls, and lounging on the plant

  5. alessandra Says:

    Can’t wait to see your beautiful work Hermine!

  6. bobbibbi Says:

    I found you through ‘la casita’ and I couldn’t be happier. I love textiles, especially if hand-woven. I also envy a lot your working space!

  7. Inger Marie Says:

    Looks good, your new work!

  8. Patrice A. Says:

    mooi, mooi!
    en fijn inetrview
    bij la casita

    Patrice A.

    P.S. ik heb je eindelijk
    een brief gestuurd

  9. Camila Faria Says:

    The atelier looks like a fabulous place to work! A great place to get creative!

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