Last 2 days I was at a friends home, on the countryside. We enjoyed walking, watching movies, baking cakes, preparing dinner and do some crocheting. We had a nice time.

I’m working on my own Dowry. I’m always so impressed by the story that girls start to work on their dowry when they are very young. They learn how to do embroideries, crocheting, knittings, … so they can make a beautiful treasure for when they are going to marry. I even heard that ‘how better, and how more refined, the embroideries are, how better wife you might be. ‘
Don’t worry, I’m not going to marry, first have to find a man who I might love. But I think it’s a beautiful idea to make a box filled with handmade blankets, rugs, …. to use as a couple. A box of love, handmade. It’s also a nice gift, and reminder, for my children (if I might have some). A family hairloom.

I started with my first item for the dowry, a white crocheted blanket.

The pictures are taken at my friends home.







13 Responses to “Dowry.”

  1. Its great, dear Hermine. Creating with a thread you keep life up… Dowry… a wonderful idea and so very beautiful!

    x Ariane.

  2. mieke willems Says:

    zo’n plant heb ik altijd al willen hebben, met die bloemetjes die precies uit kaarsvet gemaakt zijn!

  3. i love this idea, h. beautiful!

  4. paravent Says:

    It’s beautiful 🙂 Word of advice from an old married woman – go out and have FUN now!! 😉 Kx

  5. word up Says:

    What the person above me is saying. Word up!

  6. Abraham Says:

    Mooi idee! En al een heel mooi begin zo te zien. Nog wel een beetje groter maken, hé? 😉

  7. verónica Says:

    Such a beautiful blanket!


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  9. mooi begin van je deken!
    wat een leuk idee.
    spijtig ben ik te oud om het op voorhand te maken maar ben nu wel druk bezig met inhalen!!

  10. Michelle Says:

    Looks beautiful. I like the idea of creating a trousseau (another name for it) for when I move to Italy one day – a collection of beautiful finds and handmade things. Haven’t got any immediate plans to move to Italy but it is on the wish list and feel like putting these pieces together will bring it closer.

  11. zenobie Says:

    this is a beautiful idea. My great grandma grandmother made a blanket as a wedding gift for my grandmother – it is so intricate it took a whole year to make. Now I have it and it is one of my most treasured possessions. So wonderful to keep these traditions alive

  12. wsake Says:

    how wonderful – and how much most patient work… can´t wait so see how the blanket turns out! i started this pattern too a year ago, but switched to a simpler one instead…

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