Thank you for all of you who is interested about buying a little book. Now we are ready to print, I’ll keep you posted about when they will be ready.

These days I’m very busy with crocheting and weaving to make some new products. They are for a special event ! Soon I’ll show you some pictures of them.

I’m very excited to be back at work, and create new things. I just started a new theme, and it will be about the Native Americans. Because I like the patterns they use, and I also love the feather-head-pieces they wear. So I hope that at the end of the year there will be a completely new collection of textiles. AND I just decided that I want to try to start my own independent business when I’m back from Paris, so I can sell all my textile designs. That’s a big step !

Enjoy the hot weather today !






5 Responses to “Blue.”

  1. that is amazing hermine – your own business! so wonderful, i am so happy for you ♥

  2. alessandra Says:

    great plans Hermine, I love your work you are so talented! can’t wait to see the rest…;-)

  3. Marion Says:

    I totally agree with your new theme !
    & congratulations for these news plans !

  4. Delphine Says:

    so many interesting projects, I can’t wait to see them unfold!

  5. matilda Says:

    Love this beautiful clutch.

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