For my graduation project I made a book about my products, with the beautiful pictures of Eefje. Because I think it’s so sad that the picture will disappear in a box, Eefje and I decided to make a little production of the book.

We are searching now for the best way of printing it, and we are wondering how much pieces we have to print. So I was wondering if someone of you might be interested in buying one ?

Enjoy the new week.








31 Responses to “Book.”

  1. Sara Says:

    I would definitely buy one. You are so talented, I love your work!

  2. fanja Says:

    i want one too!

  3. Floddertje Says:

    oh my this is really good!

  4. I’m also interseted. Like your work.

  5. Merlijne Says:

    Ik had er al één op je expositie mee willen nemen – dus ja, ik ben zeker geïnteresseerd…

  6. Voor mij mag je al een exemplaar reserveren! Mooi.

  7. Sarah Says:

    Ik wil er ZEKER ook één !

  8. Erin Roby Says:

    I would most certainly want one! Gorgeous.

  9. esther Says:

    Ik wil er ook wel eentje!

  10. Dear Hermine,
    oh, I admire your work… so of course I would love to have that book. That book iItself looks fantastic!

    x Ariane

  11. Prudence Says:

    wow!!! I would definatley buy one… maybe even 3 or 4… I know some of my friends would also love your work!!

  12. Eléonore Says:

    I saw the pictures on the Eefje’s blog.
    Your work is fabulous…and Eefje’s photos make it even more beautiful.

  13. Delphine Says:

    I would buy one too 😉

  14. paravent Says:

    Yes please! I’d love to buy one 🙂

  15. That’s a great idea to put this beautiful photo in a book.
    It’s a beautiful thing. I would put one on my library.

  16. Louise Mills Says:

    beautiful, I would buy one for sure!

  17. Jackie B Says:

    I would absolutely buy one. Your show looked just beautiful!

  18. lieven Says:

    ik wil niks liever!!

  19. voor mij mag je er ook eentje opzijleggen 🙂

  20. alessandra Says:

    Hermine count me in!!!

  21. Aurélie Says:

    I’m interested !!!

  22. i want to buy! i like your color.

  23. Lovely! Congrats!

    Would love to buy one or swap it!

  24. Inger Marie Says:

    Yes, I would love this!

  25. Ik wil er ook wel een! 🙂

  26. Dee Says:

    This looks beautiful – I would love to buy one!

  27. Gracia Says:

    I’d love to have one please!

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