I never been so happy with a collaboration as I am with the one I did with Eefje. She’s a very talented photographer, and she took the pictures for my graduation project. Photographs are very important to me, and it’s essential that it breath my story and the atmosphere of my work. Eefje, Marie and Maud (the 2 most amazing models in the world !! ) did such a great job.

So finally I can share the photographs with you.
Hope you like them, because I do.

000007 (3)




000020 (3)

000016 (2)

000009 (2)

000022 (2)


You can find some more pictures at Miss Moss.


19 Responses to “Atmosphere.”

  1. ana isabel Says:

    so pretty! they really display your work so well.

  2. Iris Vank Says:

    Prachtig, producten en foto’s! Ik had de foto’s bij Miss Moss ook al gezien: heel mooi.

  3. Marlou Says:

    o wauw hermine, wat een prachtfoto’s! en je werk is ook zo mooi.

  4. “Photographs are very important to me, and it’s essential that it breath my story and the atmosphere of my work.”

    Mooi gezegd, ook mooi gedaan. Als ik het goed begrijp leg je het accent op de omgeving vanuit jezelf. Ik vind ze mooi omdat ze detail weergeven met veel licht. Ik vind ze wat verwarrend door de nieuwheid die ze herbergen. Herkenbaarheid primeert – niet – over oproeping. Persoonlijk…

    Figments of the past.


  5. wsake Says:

    i do too – very beautiful work and pictures!

  6. angelica Says:

    these are amazing hermine! really love your work and the photography. well done!

  7. Floddertje Says:

    very amazing Hermine!

  8. Eefje Says:

    Woop woop ❤

  9. Verónica Says:

    Hermine, the pictures and your work have left me speechless. I can understand why you’re so happy with the images… such a GOOD JOB!

  10. aloÿse Says:

    Really beautiful work.

  11. julie Says:

    Heel mooi werk, een van mijn favorieten op de kaskweek!

  12. fanja Says:

    beautiful, you must be happy indeed x

  13. ~>O<~ Says:

    […] of textile designer hermine van dijck’s graduation project, photographed by eefje de coninck. This entry was posted by lenacorwin. Bookmark the […]

  14. Amanda Says:

    these photos depict your collection so beautifully. i’m in love with the rugs, and everything else for that matter. stunning!!

  15. Inger Marie Says:

    I love everything about this project! Congratulations – you must have been working hard!

  16. renee Says:

    congratulations, hermine! your work is so beautifully expressed! the images look really stunning.

  17. […] de Coninck photographed some great textiles by Hermine van Dijck. One in particular caught my attention, a fluffy cat sleeping on a fluffy colorful rug. Happy […]

  18. alexandra Says:

    Hermine, you are right, it’s an excellent collaboration between you two, the result is amazing, I love every picture!

    Also, I’m in love with your plant collection. You inspired me to grow my own avocados some time ago, haha. They’ve been growing for about 3 months and today I finally planted the biggest one into its own pot. 🙂 And I’m here to say thank you for introducing me to the world of avocados!

  19. britt Says:

    Wauw, prachtige foto’s.

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