F R E E D O M .


Yesterday was the most nerve-racking day of my live, my final presentation. The latest months were so busy, and the last week was filled with tears of nerves. I worked from the early morning till the late evening to finish my presentation. I was so lucky my mom, dad, mentor and some friends came to help me.

I think my presentation went good, the jury was very critical, but that’s a very positive point to me, because they gave me some tips about how I can grow in my textile research. But I still have to wait more than a week before I have more news about my results. So exciting.

Soon I’ll post some pictures about my work, for the people who will not be able to visit my graduation exhibition.





– After my presentation me and my friend Alice enlighted a little firework-stick to celebrate our freedom.
– The whole school is in stress for the final presentations, but I love the fact that I can find artworks in every corner of the building
– My housemate is a sweetheart. She left a note on my bike on the morning of my final presentation to wish me luck, and she gave me beautiful pink flowers.


18 Responses to “F R E E D O M .”

  1. alessandra Says:

    Congratulations Hermine! x

  2. I am not jealous I am just sucking everything I can suck on to. 🙂 This would be a very negative insight. But some way it is true. Certainly now. No, Hermine, I really wish you the best. I feel empathy with the way you’ve made. I am still in my last year Psychology and sometimes the end is hard to find. It is really important to find short-term goals to make the whole possible. That’s what I try to do and above all, so important, to stay active. Yep, freedom. All the stress deals with freedom, and you’ve made it to a good end. One good end. 🙂 It is so kind you have such a surprise in such a supportive context. I recognize the fact. One time there was a lot of blood on my car with my birthday (October 31th / Halloween). But no confirmation was there. Even if I suspected a female student of who her father was a butcher. So I recognize the situation, and I identify myself with the situation. It motivates me. I’ll better be jealous. Hehe. 🙂

  3. Alice Says:

    Je t’aime !

  4. Nu begint het echt! Gefeliciteerd.

  5. Congratulations sweet Hermine!

  6. Anuszka Says:

    Congratulations 🙂

  7. Tu dois être soulagé.
    Congratulations! Enjoy your freedom!

  8. Baba Tz Says:

    Congrats, dear Hermine!!! Now the world is waiting for you and your incredible awesome work!

  9. Lisa Says:

    Hermine in een broek!? Da’s nieuw voor mij 🙂
    Proficiat en ozo goed gedaan, geniet van de vrije tijd!

  10. ritva Says:

    congratulations dear!
    i admire your work!
    hope that your freedom days are sunny!

  11. Teresa Says:

    Congratulations, I’m happy for you!
    Enjoy these next days!

  12. Studio Meez Says:

    Bravo bravo bravo!
    Je hebt dat goed gedaan met zo’n prachtig eindwerk! Ik kom zeker je werk bewonderen volgende week!

  13. Mandy Says:

    Oh well done Hermine, I’m so happy for you ….. I know you are going to do super well !!!

  14. ana isabel Says:

    congratulations! your blog is so pretty! So happy I came across it xo

  15. CONGRATULATIONS!! it all turned out so beautiful, hermine.

  16. Proficiaat, Hermine! Geniet van de vrijheid en het moment 🙂

    Liefs, Maja

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