House of Kinoo.


Yesterday I visited Lisa, I was looking forward to see her home for the first time. Although she said it was messy, I thought it was a very cosy home. It was filled with plants, and her sweet cats who were jumping around. She helped me with some computer problems, and afterwards we drunk tea in the sun. A great relaxing moment, now back to work.

I’m counting down, just 1 more week. Starting to get really nervous








7 Responses to “House of Kinoo.”

  1. I’m interested by the way you see her home.
    You takes a look very soft on the little things

  2. angelica Says:

    ah very nice. kitchen corner is my favourite photo with lisa preparing tea!

  3. Studio Meez Says:

    Wat leuk om eens binnen te gluren bij Lisa. Leuke hoekjes en prachtige keuken!

  4. ↑ ↑ ↑ Says:

    […] Dear Hermine came by and she took some pictures in my home. — I like this series of pictures and this work of art. — Three more days to enter […]

  5. Delphine Says:

    what a nice home! i like peeping into people’s interiors 🙂

  6. alicia Says:

    so nice! I like the kitchen the most.

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