we ♥ our plants.


This morning I received some sad news about someone I know. Because of that it was difficult to keep my attention to work today. So me and a friend decided to have nice lunchbreak, and to buy a plant. Because that makes us very happy. I bought a plant called Tillandsia Cyanea, and I saw that there is already a little baby-flower. And my friend bought a mikado-plant, which is a very funny one.

Plants always makes me happy.





13 Responses to “we ♥ our plants.”

  1. Merel Says:

    hoop dat’t goed komt!
    ik vroeg me af of jij een geheim adres wist waar je mooie bloempotten kon kopen (dus niet dille & kamille ofzo)

  2. heleen Says:

    ik word goedgemutst van je blog!

  3. Studio Meez Says:

    Leuke planten en leuk jurkje.

    Hopelijk gaat alles al een beetje beter en is er vrolijker nieuws in de plaats gekomen?

  4. astralrae Says:

    plants make me happy too! hope u feel better! 😉

  5. Frank Says:

    Replant your Tillcy-plant, I think it needs a bigger non-plastic pot … Big Hug!

    • Hermine Says:

      I’ll do that. But doesn’t you always have to do that when you buy a plant ? they always are in too small pots, poor plants/

      • Frank Says:

        Yes, you are right, except if ….. you have bought a Bonsai-plant ! 🙂

  6. This is “le pouvoir magique” of plants. Put a smile on our heart.

  7. angelica Says:

    mikado sounds like a funny name. hope you had a great time and feel a bit better now.

  8. Bessie Arlen Says:

    I love your dress, the pattern is beautiful! Hope you are feeling better.

  9. lili Says:

    Hoi Hermine,
    Ken jij leuke plantenwinkels in het Antwerpse?
    Ik kom altijd bij dezelfde uit. Vaak ook véél te duur!

  10. Delphine Says:

    I know the feeling, of thinking about someone… and then not being able to focus… it’s a nice feeling, in a way.

  11. Gracia Says:

    Beautiful textiles and some charming plants… I am glad I made my way here by fantastical chance. Your work, and photos of your work and days, are great to see.

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