The photoshoot today was a great succes, thanks to the lovely photographer, Eefje. The beautiful and inspiring models Maud and Marie. And Robbert’s beautiful home. I’m so very happy about it. Next saturday I’ll see the results, because Eefje still use films. So it take a little while to develop. I almost can’t wait to see the results.

Happy weekend.





10 Responses to “Photoshoot.”

  1. charlotte Says:

    wauw! wauw! fantastisch mooi!
    en wat een prachtig huis

    en hihi ik herken al een paar dingetjes 🙂

  2. Look so sweet. Can wait to see the film.

  3. lieven Says:

    eefje kennende,
    marie kennende,
    maud kennende,
    u (een klein beetje) kennende
    wordt het zoizo prachtig

  4. Studio Meez Says:

    Deze plaatjes zien er al veelbelovend uit!

  5. ritva Says:

    i can understand why you feel impatient.
    it looks so fresh! it must be very exciting!
    all the best!

  6. ik heb iets in de agenda vastgepind!

  7. janis Says:

    It looks magical already! Beautiful work and styling.

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