Working, working, working, … with sometimes a nice coffeebreak. Spring is in the air, my plant start to get flowers. And that make me so happy. I also have 3 new baby pilea, from my neighbour. Hope they will trasform into big plants.

And some lovely news, in October I’ll move to paris for 5 months to do an internship. Do someone knows a place where I can live ? or do you know someone who has room for free in his/her house ?

Enjoy this sun(ny)day




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  1. Marlou Says:

    wat leuk en spannend!
    ik ben nu in Frankrijk en heb hier al wat mensen ontmoet die naar Parijs willen verhuizen, dus ik zal hen eens vragen of ze tips voor je hebben 🙂

  2. Lisa Says:

    Joehoew, keileuk nieuws van de stage! Ik ben al benieuwd om je avonturen hier te lezen 🙂 Wat zijn die werkjes en die plant mooi…

    Succes met al je schoolwerk, Hermine.

  3. Teresa Says:

    Great news, I’m glad for you!
    Wish you all the best!

  4. Gerda Says:

    wij komen je bezoeken, das in ieder geval al afgesproken, hé schetebees!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Your weavings are beautiful!

    I already wish you all the best for finding the place where you will live in Paris. France and apartments is like hell to me! When I was studying there I had to search for an apartement in March to make sure to have one in September… so small & so expensive.
    I will let you know if one of my friend has a room to rent. 🙂

    Where will you make your internship? Oh et alors tu parles le Francais? Je ne suis jamais certaine..


  6. Marie Says:

    The Belgian students can live at La Fondation Biermans Lapôtre : http://www.fondationuniversitaire.be/nl/we_biermans.php
    The Cité internationale universitaire is so beautiful and inspirant !
    The rent is reasonnable.

  7. maarditterzijde Says:

    Prachtige bloemen en prachtig weefwerk! En wat een mooi nieuws van je aankomende stage. Ik hoop dat je in Parijs ook (af en toe) zult bloggen; de week beginnen zonder mijn Hermine van Dijck-update zal anders weer even wennen zijn!

  8. Studio Meez Says:

    Prachtig! Zie ik zo in mijn huis hangen!
    Proficiat met je stage!

  9. ritva Says:

    great news! hope you´ll find a place to live too!

    love your work!

  10. éva-mona Says:

    That is good news! I wish you all the best.

  11. Gefeliciteerd met jouw stageplaats. Wat een vooruitzicht! Nog even doorbijten…. met leuk en mooi werk.

  12. It’s too bad my place is to small to invite you to stay with us… But I’m happy because I’m going to meet you… In the fact, do you speak french? Because it’ll be easier for me… My english is not perfect… I’m really happy to meet you, one day in Paris or my house… I’ll ask around me for a room for you… Have a nice day…

  13. i can’t find pilea anywhere in chicago, but i think they’re the most adorable little plants. your weavings (and colors!) are getting more and more beautiful.

  14. Verónica Says:

    I wish you enjoy these spring days despite the load of work! :)*

  15. Found a place to live in Paris can be complicated. I gonna ask to my friend if they know a free room.
    Paris is a city so exciting.

  16. Spannend! Parijs is prachtig. Succes met het vinden van een kamer!

  17. Inger Marie Says:

    Love the works in the top photo – such wondeful colours 🙂

  18. alessandra Says:

    What a great news Hermine! Your textile work is sublime!

  19. I cant’ really give you a flat help for Paris, where founding a place to live is like searching for the Graal. Yet i will ask a friend that rent a cool room there for months.
    If you fancy spend some time in the south est of France, you are very welcome for coachsurfing!
    I would be very glad to met.

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