The previous two weeks were very busy, working on several projects at the same time and had important deadlines. So I didn’t had the time to take pictures and blogging. But I’m back, still with my mind with my projects, but I’m relaxed.

Today was such a lovely day, first time in more than 2 weeks that I could effort a day off.

° I did a book swap with Ward Zwart. I gave him a book about gardening and a few baby-plants, and he gave me his lovely ‘Mostly Cola’ book. (He’s incredible talented).
° I repotted my avocado’s, and putted 3 of my pits together in a pot. Hope it will transform into a giant tree.
° Went to my 2 favourite coffeebars in Antwerp, Normo and La Chascona, to drink some relax coffee.
° I’m wearing my blue dress. Found it a little while ago for 1 euro.
° Making a crochetwork for someone special.
° All my plants are growing so fast. Like this little baby-plant I’m making, look up here, when he still was a baby. Does someone know how the name of this plant ?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Until soon.









14 Responses to “Relax.”

  1. Gerda Says:

    je kleedje staat je beeldig, schat!!!

  2. mooie plant op de laatste foto! wil ik ook wel weten hoe die heet!

  3. mooi die plant op de laatste foto! wil ook wel weten hoe die heet!

  4. Patrice A. Says:

    jurk staat je goed!
    en dat boek van Ward
    staat al weken vlakbij mijn computer
    het is zo, zo fijn
    ik zou willen dat ik zo kon tekenen

    Patrice A.

    en jouw envelop met adres
    staat ook alweer weken naast mijn computer
    binnenkort schrijf ik je een brief

  5. foto 4 past in een zward-wit verhaal! al moet ik zeggen dat het blauw ook super is….

  6. lilo Says:

    Oh! Dat kleedje ging bijna met mij mee, maar ik ben heel blij dat het een goede thuis gevonden heeft. Staat je goed!

  7. Teresa Says:

    Lovely dress!
    I’ve been wanting to try to plant an avocado… I must do it!

    Have a great week.

  8. Sara Says:

    I love the dress, it looks gorgeous on you, And the little rabbits are so sweet!

  9. Studio Meez Says:

    Prachtig kleedje en een mooi boek!

  10. I love the look of those plants, the visible pits are really charming. I missed your blog, sorry I haven’t been to visit in such a long time 😦

  11. maria Says:

    oh i love this bunch of photos!

  12. Little. S Says:

    Je suis vraiment fan de tes dessins *-*

  13. alicia Says:

    oh! I need that book!

  14. Hi I love your blog, I remember seeing this and thinking it was funny we had the same dress. Now I’m selling it on Etsy and I thought someone seening yours might want it (:

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