Sorry my loves,
the shop is



Here it is, my own little shop.

I’m dreaming of opening a webshop for almost 3 years. But I never seems to have enough time to finish it all. That is why I opened a temporary-shop, called “Handwoven treasures”. It’s not much, just the pieces that are finished. There are woven pouches and scarfs for sale, some of them are prototypes (that means that they are perfectly ready to be used, but there are little things that are not completely perfect like I wanted them to be. So I sell them with a discount). By the way, I also make products on order, so you can choose your favourite colours, pattern and size. If you are interested you can e-mail me. Just a note, I just will be able to start on the orders in July.

Feel free to take a look, and who knows, maybe one day you’ll be the owner of your own handwoven treasure.

Oh, I finished my first woven handbag. When it’s less busy I’ll make some more for the shop.

Happy weaving days !

Next week a new shop-update with woven scarfs






21 Responses to “* SHOP * SHOP * SHOP *”

  1. you’re so so so so so good. the colors are perfect and i’m thinking this shop venture is going to be quite successful.

  2. Gerda Says:

    dus dat was de verrassing!!!!!!! you go minemie!!!!

  3. Lisa Says:

    Hermiiiiine, ZO SCHOON, zo’n mooie kleur dat blauw!
    En proficiat met je winkeltje, na lang dromen is het er dan.

  4. Verónica Says:

    Oh Hermine! This is awesome! Congratulations… I truly wish you the best with your shop! ^^

    Besto wishes from Spain*

  5. Rachel Says:

    It’s beautiful! I want I want I want!

  6. s. Says:

    ik wil wel eentje hermine ! 😉

  7. Cleolidewij Says:

    Gefeliciteerd! En alles is zoo mooi. Ik ga sparen voor een mooie sjaal of ik vraag er eentje voor mijn verjaardag. Het is allemaal zo prachtig! Veel succes 🙂

  8. Brooke Says:

    beautiful work!

  9. Eléonore Says:

    Congratulations Hermine!

  10. aloÿse Says:

    That’s a really great news! Congratulation!

  11. Floddertje Says:

    Gefeliciteerd! prachtig allemaal!

  12. Niina Says:

    Oh,congratulations Hermine! You’re so talented! I really love your work:)

  13. Patrice A. Says:

    gefeliciteerd, het ziet er allemaal prachtig uit

    Patrice A.

  14. Julie Says:

    Gefeliciteerd met je webshop, wat een mooie dingen allemaal

  15. maartje Says:

    Wat mooi! En bijzonder bovendien, ik kom niet vaak mensen tegen die weven.

  16. Teresa Says:

    Congratulations, I’m so happy for you!
    The handbag is wonderful!!!

  17. Well done, such a beautiful shop. Admiration from the u.k.

  18. alessandra Says:

    Congrats Hermine, it looks all very beautiful! x

  19. ritva Says:

    congrats! well done Hermine! everything looks so nice!

  20. jenny Says:

    your shop is very nice!

  21. alicevaninnis Says:

    9 september is mijn verjaardag Hermine 😉 kus !

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