These days I’m into taking pictures of my feet. Maybe that’s because I have new yellow-clog-summer-shoes.

Today was the last day of the letter exhibition. It feels so bizar to take the letters off the wall. Happy, because it was a lovely time, and because I’m so grateful that I was a part of the exhibition. And a little ‘sad’, because it’s over. But i had a great time, met lovely people, and have some beautiful memories about the exhibition-time.

It will be a busy week again.
Hope to see you soon.


11 Responses to “Feet.”

  1. Cool! Pictures of your feet, it was a long time ! Your shoes are very pretty 🙂

  2. Eléonore Says:

    Nice yellow shoes!

  3. Studio Meez Says:

    Wat een leuke zonnige schoenen en ik ben jaloers op je tas.

  4. marlou Says:

    fijne voetenfoto’s heb je altijd, Hermine 🙂 mooie schoenen ook!
    ik ben afgelopen donderdag nog op ’t nippertje bij de brievenexpo geweest en heb erg genoten.

  5. anne Says:

    die zijn zeker heel fotogeniek die schoenen!
    fijne nieuwe week!

  6. Lovely pictures & lovely shoes!

  7. Floddertje Says:

    Oh waw, i’m looking for these kind of shoes for a very very long time, so nice! (would you maybe mind telling where you’ve find them?)

  8. Dorit Says:

    Ein sehr inspirierender Blog – Dankeschön! – Grüße aus Leipzig

  9. Anna Says:

    Lovely shoes!!!!

  10. Delphine Says:

    cute shoes! 🙂

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