I’m happy to show you a first peek into my new textile works. (I made the textiles samples a while ago, but I didn’t dare to show them yet. Because I’m so unsure about everything. But maybe it’s time to ask what you think of it.) “Plush” is my newest fascination, and I try to get it into my work as much as possible. The hanging threads are so charming, to me, and they acting always like they want to.

I always been fascinated by hand-made-textiles, and I think it’s so sad that there isn’t so much space for handcraft inside the textile-industry. That’s something I’m worried about. It’s impossible to go ‘back to basic’ totally, and do everything by hand. (Except when you just want to do it for fun, or to relax).

My work is a statement. I try to cross the borders between handycraft, and the industry. Between me and a machine. It’s about searching a way to use a machine, but to add something of myself to it. Without my hands the fabric will never exist. Like the machine is my second hand. It’s difficult to describe, but I want to use the fastness of a machine to transform it in a contemporary way of handcraft. How can I fuse those two opposites ? That’s what my research is about.

It’s for all of us, who want to go back to a pure and honest piece of fabric, unique and different. For you, and for me.

More about my research is comming soon.


14 Responses to “Plush.”

  1. Louise Says:

    Beautiful textiles as always Hermine 🙂
    You have a real talent and good eye for colour. I share some of your worries, but I believe there is a small corner of the industry which hand made and hand crafted textiles fit and are appreciated. You have to make what comes from your heart, you can be a self employed textile designer and freelance for good companies!
    Good luck with your final studies

  2. cococita Says:

    This sounds really interesting Hermine! Please keep us posted about your research, as I think your concern is a fascinating and much needed one.
    I am intrigued by your work and will follow this project of yours!

  3. Elena Says:

    Good luck with your research and lovely statement.

  4. Studio Meez Says:

    Wat mooi Hermine! De kleuren, textuur, patroontjes,…
    Ik hou ook veel liever van handwerk dan van machineproductie maar jammer genoeg gaat het niet anders. Ben al benieuwd naar je verdere resultaten!

  5. I’m in love with your work… They are such a beautiful piece… I wish I could touch them in my hands, they make me to want to touch them… I like the color of them… Happy day dear Hermine… It(s such a pleasure to see your work, don’t forget it, you have to know it, seriously…

  6. petra Says:

    I agree with Julie, you really want to touch these samples! They look gorgeous, Hermine!

  7. Teresa Says:

    Your work looks so wonderful! I like all the texture feeling and soft colours.

  8. Marion Says:

    Congratulations Hermine !
    This is beautiful (i really love the last one)

  9. This is such beautiful work! I’d love to see more handmade textiles around, your samples are simply wonderful!

    Camila Faria

  10. Verónica Says:

    I completely agree with your philosophy and the aim of your research… handmade items are unique and we should preserve them as well as the tradition…

    I wish you a lovely day!*

  11. cheryl Says:

    Really beautiful work!

  12. Pauline Says:

    Het lijkt me ontzettend veel werk maar het resultaat is echt prachtig.
    Liefs, Pauline

  13. Gerda Says:

    nooit opgeven, hé minemie, je bent zo goed bezig, blijven gaan en blijven geloven in jezelf, je maakt zo’n mooie dingen en je blijft ons altijd verbazen, elk blogbericht na blogbericht! you go girl, echt waar!

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