Glimps of spring.


Sunny cold sunday.

It’s like I notice the first glimps of spring. The flower is start to open, it grows in a special glazen pot, and it’s so beautiful to see his roots grow.
I’m preparing a new exhibition about the letters called ‘Boîte aux lettres’, I’m planning to do something with a big worldmap. I’ve been neglecting the letters for a while, because it was so busy. So some of you are waiting already a long time for a letter of me. But soon, your mailboxes will be happy again, because there are some letters on their way.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Vibeke received the beautiful-flower-book that I’ve send her. Love it to see it in her hands.


10 Responses to “Glimps of spring.”

  1. Teresa Says:

    Good luck with your new exhibition, I bet it will be great!
    I like the idea with the world map. I love maps, especially old ones!

  2. Mdmslle Says:

    Beautiful things you received! I can smell spring in the air too! Hope it won’t take too long to get real warm again! Longing for gardening! Wish you a wonderful sunday!

  3. Julie Says:

    komt door de zon…geeft weer nieuwe energie:-) Happy Sunday!!

  4. Verónica Says:

    My hyacinths are also in bloom! I have a pink one and a blue one, and their scent is so intense! I’ve also been photographing them!
    Glad to read that you are back on writing letters!
    Have a lovely sunday and good luck on the exhibition arrangements*

  5. Ariane Says:

    Dear Hermine,
    that sounds really great! Fantastic… wish I could come.

    x Ariane.

  6. Marlou Says:

    oo, hyacinten, die moet ik ook even snel aanschaffen 🙂 mooi zeg.
    veel succes met je nieuwe expositie! ik ga binnenkort naar het Huis van Alijn om de andere te bekijken ; verheug me al maanden.

  7. Janien Says:

    >Heb die die kaart nu al?

    • Nee, nog steeds niet. Ofwel teduur, ofwel te druk (qua kleurtjes), ofwel mag ik er niet in prikken met kleine naaldjes. Maar ik ben er nu zelf één aan het maken. Misschien nog wel de beste oplossing.

  8. Sewon Says:

    Ohh I love the flower book you’ve sent Vibeke. It’s so inspiring to see the care you put into each letter. I’m also a bit behind on writing back to my pen pals but I’m excited to work on the snail mail packages this week.

  9. ohhosanna Says:

    such a lovely collection. i’m currently growing herbs on my windowsills and my basil is blossoming. it is always so exciting.

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