– 15 °C , that’s the temperature outside. It’s cold, but I love it so much. It also have snowed on friday, everything is covered under a thick layer of white glitters. I think the light on these sunny cold days, is the most beautiful of the whole year. Don’t you think ?

There are some big dilemma’s in my head. Wether to go on, or to quit. To follow my heart, or to follow my mind. To do what I like, or what others wants me to do. Difficult. So I wish for the new week that I will find the answers.

Hope you all have a good start of the week.

23 Responses to “Ice.”

  1. Gerda Says:

    luisteren naar jezelf, minemie, niet naar anderen…

  2. merula Says:

    waarschijnlijk weet je het antwoord stiekem al……..
    Niet te veel piekeren en fijn van de sneeuw genieten!

  3. Valentina Says:

    Follow your heart, always! Never mind other people: they don’t are you! Do what you like… And like what you do!

  4. maartje Says:

    Moeilijk, zulke dilemma’s. Dus veel wijsheid gewenst!

  5. Mdmslle Says:

    Listen to your heart. It will tell you what will make you happy in life. Happiness and confidence is the most important thing. Hope you will find the answer.

  6. Mandy Says:

    For us, it’s also freezing cold and it snowed. And the light is wonderful. The snow glistens in the sun.
    One of my favorite songs is called “Listen to what your heart tells you.” But you have one divorce.
    I wish you a good start to the week also.

  7. Louise Mills Says:

    Perfect scarf weather and boots and tights 🙂

    Don’t quit or give up anything you love for other people Hermine!!

    Follow your dreams and listen to your heart

    hope you get your dilemma’s fixed 🙂

  8. Anna - Maria Says:

    are you doubting your textile studies ? If so…then I can’t understand why…because you are almost at the end of it and you will be a master in textile design, isn’t this your biggest dream and you always talked about it here on your blog and shared your beautiful work with us all the time.
    Don’t give up!

  9. Ariane Says:

    Dear Hermine,
    oh, I enjoy this winter… Its a real winter with its bone-chilling cold and snow!
    Nice doilies… as snowflakes the white one.

    Stay warm,
    x Ariane.

  10. Herkenbare dilemma’s, ik kan me voorstellen dat je worstelt. Zoals het vaak gaat, kan ik nu tegen jou makkelijk zeggen wat ik mezelf maar niet aan het verstand kan brengen:

    Hermine, ga vooral door. Volg je hart en doe wat je leuk vindt. Soms zal dat pad moeilijk begaanbaar zijn, maar het is altijd een interessanter pad dan het gebaande…

    Ik volg je blog nu al enkele maanden het is elke maandagochtend een fijne verrassing om een update in mijn mailbox te vinden, die mij leidt naar mooie woorden en evenzo mooie foto’s. Dank en nogmaals, ga vooral door!

    PS: mocht je nog een keer aan een Words for Strangers-project beginnen, dan houd ik mij van harte aanbevolen om je kaartjes in Zwolle, Overijssel te verspreiden.



  11. Marguerite Says:

    Doorbijten én je eigen ding doen + hart volgen. Daag jezelf uit en doe wat je graag doet, dat zal zich weerspiegelen in uw werk!

  12. aloÿse Says:

    Do always what you like. It the best way to have no regrets.

    Since one week winter and snow is really here in the south of France. I think I like it. Just one thing…my plants have too cold.

  13. Pauline Says:

    Koud, maar zo mooi nu buiten. Ik geniet er ook intens van.
    Kiezen tussen hart en hoofd is altijd lastig. Geef het even de tijd en opeens wordt je keuze toch duidelijk.
    Liefs, Pauline

  14. ritva Says:

    follow your heart!
    and enjoy the light 🙂
    i´m happy to hear that you like it too-
    it´s snowing gently here just now- like powder, all around!

  15. alessandra Says:

    never do what the others want you to do. do what you feel you want to do, listen to the reason and listen to the heart, pro and cons weigh them up and sleep over it, stop thinking about it and the answer will come.
    snow here too, so beautiful those moments when snow falls: silence, peace and quiet and after that only the sounds of happy children and children in their heart playing outside.

  16. Patrice A. Says:

    meestal weet je het antwoord wel
    en komt het vanzelf boven
    als je even laat rusten
    geniet van de mooie witte wereld
    en het licht!


  17. maria Says:

    you have the most beautiful and delicate posts!

  18. Isidora Says:

    i think that this weather will help you decide. there is something special in cold winter atmosphere that makes you think more in solitude…

  19. zenobie Says:

    snow here too, only a little but enough to make the world sparkle. I hope you are having a good week and that the answers present themselves in their own way

  20. Sara Says:

    My mum recently told me something beautiful. She said that my mind and body can be described like the guardian angel. The guardian angel tells you wise things, guards you in life.
    /Sara in Sweden

  21. Koey Says:

    Wish I can play with the snow.
    Hermine, follow your heart. You are not living for others’ mind. Remember to live with no regret. Think about what’s really the meaning of your life. Take care and good day:))))

    p.s. I got the mail today. It’s really happy and enjoyable for me to read your hand-written words! I will have my part done as soon as possible. In fact, how much time do I still have to finish my part?

  22. C SATHAL Says:

    Hello 🙂
    these are the questions of life, philosophy! And the answers … will one day maybe ^ ^!
    Follow his instincts moment by moment and play with the experiments.

  23. anne Says:

    ik zeg: niks aantrekken van die anderen maar goed naar je eigen gevoel luisteren… succes!

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