Little snippets of my last days of 2011. Lovely days with my friends, walking, and drinking coffee’s. Lovely to come home and find some letters in my mailbox, they make me feel so happy. Did some weaving, 3 meters, for a new work (more about it in the new year). oh, and the ‘words-for-strangers’ are almost ready to be send. Hopefully next week they can start their journey to your homes. So sorry for the ones who still want to join, because all my notes already have a new owner.

I hope 2012 will bring you all love, luck, new vibes, and a lot of creativity. Hopefully it will be a year full of letters, blogging, weaving, and new coffee-dates with lovely strangers.

Happy 2012.


18 Responses to “Goodbye…”

  1. tot volgend jaar Hermine 🙂

  2. Marion Says:

    Zo mooi dat blauw haakwerkje! Joepie, kijk al uit naar het pakketje! X

  3. Sewon Says:

    Ohh I just came across your flickr, and I’m loving your beautiful textile work. Happy new year!

  4. Mandy Says:

    Wishing you all the best too Hermine …. lovely photos

    Happy New Year XXXX

  5. Studio Meez Says:

    Tot 2012! Veel feestplezier!

  6. Isidora Says:

    Oh, how I hope that it will be like you said. Looking forward to your new projects! 🙂

  7. Mandy Says:

    I also wish you a happy new year!

  8. Marguerite Says:

    fijne jaarwisseling Hermine! tot in 2012 🙂

  9. schoon schoon schoon tweeduizend en twaalf – het wordt bijzonder

  10. Belinda Says:

    Happy new year, Hermine! I hope 2012 brings you everything you desire. Thank you for creating such a lovely place for us to see and read about your creative endeavours. x

  11. Marion Says:

    Happy new year Hermine.
    I wish you the best for the 366 upcoming days.
    Stay creative. Your blog is such a delight to read.
    x Marion.

  12. eyesnacks Says:

    Lieve Hermine,een goed 2012 voor jou!..Veel inspiratie en geluk!
    Jammer dat ik dit jaar niet naar je expositei kon komen maar het nu net een autootje dus…..

  13. tami Says:

    nice blog you have!
    and the things you weave are beautiful!
    have a happy new year!

  14. Pauline Says:

    Ik wens je en liefdevol en gelukkig 2012.
    En dat je maar veel leuke koffiedrinkers mag gaan ontmoeten 😉
    Liefs, Pauline

  15. hello paper Says:

    Happy new year, Hermine !

  16. Julie Says:

    Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!!

    Wat een mooie sjaal!

  17. alessandra Says:

    Happy New Year Hermine!

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