Weaving is the best therapy.


Today I had some news that gave me a very sad mood.

Then there are just two things to do, first important thing is a delicious coffee with a lovely friend. That always can cheer me up. And second, a whole day long weaving. Weaving is like a trance, following a pattern, counting, listening to some lovely jazzy music. I always look forward to the moment when I can cut the woven-blanket off the loom, and take pictures of it. It give me such a happy feeling.

(it isn’t a scarf but some pieces for my masterproject, but I think it would look pretty lovely if it was a scarf. So I look forward to summer, because then I will finally have more time to weave a scarf-collection. )


18 Responses to “Weaving is the best therapy.”

  1. alice Says:

    spinning wool is the same for me. Great therapy!
    I hope everyting is well, now.

  2. Beautiful, really…so much sensibility.

    I hope you will recover from that sad news soon.

  3. It’s gorgeous and you’re gorgeous. You could surely make a living off of your creations someday.

    And lovely to hear about the relaxation. Art at its best.

  4. Belinda Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you have reason to be so sad, Hermine. But it’s nice that you have a good friend to cheer you up. And that you can put some music on and weave away your sadness, even if just for a while.

    You know, that piece doesn’t look like it was made with sadness. It looks like it was made with love. 🙂

  5. Ann-P Says:

    Such beautiful work, Hermine. As an artist you probably know that your emotions play a large part in whatever you create. Your feelings are coming through in your weaving. Your heart is showing. I hope the sadness passes. I agree with Beantwoorden – looks like a lot of love & thoughtfulness there. Good thoughts to you. Ann-P

  6. Marie Says:

    It’s so beautiful, delicate ! Take care !

  7. supermooi hermine!
    kijk uit naar zaterdag 🙂

  8. pierre Says:

    happy holidays birdy

  9. anne Says:

    wat een super therapie! heel heel mooi!

  10. Pauline Says:

    Verdrietig nieuws is nooit leuk. Gelukkig heb je afleiding van vrienden en krijg je rust bij het weven. Het ziet er weer zo mooi uit.
    Liefs, pauline

  11. Studio Meez Says:

    Dit gaat een prachtig eindwerk zijn!

  12. Floddertje Says:

    Wow, your work is amazing. I hope you’re ok…

  13. Gerda Says:

    Minemie, gaat het?

  14. Lovely weaving and nice patterns!

  15. it looks good as an accessory:)
    And as for weaving, agree there is something calming in that process like in sewing or knitting.

  16. severien Says:

    zo’n prachtige sjaal zou ik zeker willen!

  17. jackie Says:

    I love your colour and patterns..they are just beautiful-
    Hope you’re ok..

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