‘Sinterklaas’ brought me a lovely gift, this book. (you can see it on the second picture). I’m very much in love with it. Yesterday I also found another book about how to make baskets. The book really fits me well, because I have a basket addiction. Maybe I have to show you my collection soon. Look forward to try to make some myself, a new project is born !

When my cats were little I always carried them in my cardigan, because I think that it reminds them of their mothers womb (like I did here. ). Now my cats are grown up, but I still enjoy to carry them under my cardigan. So warm and cosy. But they don’t like it so much, they always want to jump out of it.

Enjoy this cold sunday.

New letter-update, and also words-for-strangers news.


7 Responses to “Carry.”

  1. Marguerite Says:

    hee! ik heb ook nog zo veel sneeuw-isomo liggen.. leuk idee!

  2. kristina Says:

    Love the first picture! So cute!

  3. Foto met je poes doet me denken aan Florence toen ze nog kleuter was. Ze had van de Sint een een draagzak voor de pop gekregen. Haar konijn Albino stopte ze erin en zo gingen we wandelen.

  4. Gerda Says:

    alweer mooie foto’s minemie!

  5. Viola Says:

    Zo schattig met de kat onder de trui 🙂 En wat een mooi boek ook!

  6. i always knew your heart was a cat…

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