Some work of my masterproject. Love to make drawings with dots and markers, … . Today I translated one drawing into a textile piece with embroidery, it’s not completely finished, but I already like it.

Enjoy the rest of the week.
With love.


25 Responses to “Embroidery.”

  1. Bethany Says:

    Oh, this is tremendous! Recently, I’ve been really loving confetties and colorful candy sprinkles too. I was making some business cards the other day, and ended up doodling confetties all over them!

  2. Balthazar Says:

    You are so incredible.

  3. Michelle Y Says:

    Love the embroidery. Really cheerful.

  4. anne Says:

    leuk – zo creatief!

  5. janet Says:

    really really nice work

  6. Brooke Says:

    Beautiful photos and work. I need to try my hair that way, so elegant.

  7. caroline Says:

    love. how awesome~

  8. aloÿse Says:

    more I see your work more I like it.

  9. Patrice A. Says:

    ziet er fijn uit!!

  10. Koey Says:

    Hermine, these are really lovely.
    I haven’t done embroidery for a long time. You are now tempting me:)

  11. you are such a wonderful creative mind
    and just keep getting better and better ♥♥

  12. Marion Says:

    Wow super nice work !

  13. gorgeous and inventive, per usual 🙂

  14. Louise Says:

    Beautiful work Hermine, you have such a lovely, natural style!

    Very inspiring 🙂

  15. olalla Says:

    i love your work (and your hair, haha).

  16. Noémie Says:

    oh zo wil ik wel een kussentje ofzo met die geborduurde bollekes! 🙂

  17. Lisa Says:

    Mooi, Hermine!

  18. Mandy Says:

    Oh, super work. I like your photos on the bike very much. This year I crashed badly, so I’m a little scared. But I find them very great. 🙂

  19. Gerda Says:


  20. alessandra Says:

    Gold hands Hermine!

  21. debbie Says:

    Waaw, Hermine, die bolletjes zijn echt super mooi!

  22. Jackie B Says:

    everything in this post is just beautiful! i love your sketchbook, and the embroidery looks like so much fun. I’m new to your blog, and am so enjoying looking back through your older posts.

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