Words for strangers. (preparation)


A beautiful cold saturday in La Chascona, with friends, penpalls and lovely strangers. They all came from different corners in the country to help me with prepare my “words for strangers”-project.

We all were drawing and writing beautiful sentences on little cards, to surprise other people, to make them feel special. When I was watching them around me I felt so emotional, and I couldn’t believe all these magical persons came to the coffeebar to help me prepare the project. There were some of them that I never had seen before, some of them I was writing with for a while, some of them where amazing friends. It’s so lovely to see how little notes can bring people closer to eachother.

While we were writing I was drinking a coffee. And … the beautiful spoon with the bird was on my plate again. I was extatic, and so happy. One of my friends asked Dieter (the bartender) if the spoon was for sale. But he surprised me, and said that I could take it with me. Thanks a million for the beautiful spoon.

Keep the magic going on.
125 notes done / 375 to go


A request

On Thursday the exhibition about the letters will start. And that’s the reason of preparing the ‘words for strangers’. During the time of the exhibition I want to spread these notes in Ghent, but also around the world. But I need your help. Would love to see my notes in different countries, on different places, so I can make more people happy with a little note.

Do you want to join, and help me ? Well, this is my idea. Send me your address in an e-mail (herminevandijck@hotmail.com), and then I’ll send you a little package with a few notes-for-strangers. I would be so happy if you can spread them in your city, and take a picture of them. It would be lovely if you could send the pictures back to me so we can exhibit them somewhere. And maybe maybe, one day, I’ll make a little book of them.

What do you think ?


24 Responses to “Words for strangers. (preparation)”

  1. angelica Says:

    i love this project and that it brought together different people. you are amazing for doing this. i would like to participate by spreading the word!

  2. Marlou Says:

    ik help je graag(, en mail je zo) 🙂

  3. Danielle P. Says:

    Hermine, I think you’ve found a wonderful way to make this great project even better! I’ll email you my address right away!

  4. Floor Says:

    Ik zou ook graag meedoen hier in Cambridge! Je hebt m’n adres. 🙂

  5. Veronica Says:

    Oh! That’s such a great idea!! If you want your notes spread in this corner of Spain you can count on me!! 😉

    Take care and have a lovely day!***

  6. chiara Says:

    I think this is great.
    And so are you.

  7. Ingrid Says:

    Oh, ik vind het zo jammer dat we niet vlakbij La Chascona wonen,ik heb daar zo heerlijk een taartje gegeten en de lekkerste koffie gedronken,ever.

    Natuurlijk wil ik je helpen met je project..euh is Nederland,Eindhoven ook ok?

  8. aloÿse Says:

    it’s a wonderful project and I send you my adress right now. I’m happy to participate to something so great.
    Good luck for all that can happen with beautiful idea like you have.

  9. helen b Says:

    Dag Hermine,
    Morgen vind je hopelijk mijn adres in de post…
    Stuur ze me maar op, ik hang ze rond in Gent en neem er een mooie foto van!
    groetjes, helen

  10. Gerda Says:

    merci dieter merci dieter merci!!!!

  11. Studio Meez Says:

    Ik vind het een geweldig project!
    Als je meer hulp nodig hebt in Gent laat je maar iets weten.

  12. Floddertje Says:

    If you want your notes to be spread in France…let me know, you already have my adress!

  13. Teresa Says:

    This is truly an amazing project!
    Count me in, I would love to join and help spread your notes in Porto!

  14. ik wil dat wel doen in ronse hoor
    lieve groet

  15. kristina Says:

    The idea is wonderful, I would love to take part! I’ll send you my adress!

  16. you’re such a beautiful person, Hermine. would love to participate.

  17. Bethy Says:

    I wonder, won’t you miss the excitement of finding the special spoon in your coffee? But I guess there are always new excitements to be found! I love this idea so much. I think I should send you my address.

  18. jeska Says:

    count me in on this lovely project, you already have my address

    Jeska x

  19. Great idea. I will join and spread your “words for strangers” in wintery Copenhagen.


  20. cococita Says:

    Jammer dat ik dit postje pas in detail lees nu ik al in de Provence ben … Kans is groot dat ik volgende maand in London en in Oxford vertoef (als dat niet ‘te laat’ is voor jou) en ik kan ze ook verspreiden in eigen land (jouw thuisland) tussen Antwerpen en Gent … Ik mail je … Groetjes, moi

  21. alicia Says:

    I would like to take part in too!

  22. sylvie Says:

    Ohh hoe jammer dat ik dit nu pas lees! Ik vertrek morgen naar Boedapest & wou er anders gerust daar wel enkele verspreiden!
    In ieder geval, ik woon in de kuststreek en wil er gerust hier in belgenland ook helpen verspreiden…
    Ik mail je mijn adres door, dan kan je er indien nog niet te laat doorsturen!
    Ik vind dit een prachtig project!! Ik weet dat het mijn dag in ieder geval zou opfleuren als ik zo’n berichtje tegenkom…

  23. emmel Says:

    Ik wil heel graag meedoen als het nog kan. Ik correspondeer veel met mensen uit het buitenland….ik hou van dit soort initiatieven

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