House of my dreams.


For 4 years already I live at the same place, just a few months ago I discovered the most beautiful house in the world. In my street ?! Everyday, when I’m on my way to school with my bike, I try to look inside the house. Everything looks so beautiful. Today I took some pictures of the windows. So funny that the house-owner also love to grow his own vegetables. Oh, and look at those lovely flower-curtains, I think it’s so beautiful to see the light play with it. Maybe one day I try to ring the bell, and dare to tell the house-owners how much I love their place, and maybe I dare to ask if I might have a look inside and take some pictures.

I loved the fog of a few days ago, it looks like living in a dream.


12 Responses to “House of my dreams.”

  1. doen hermine ! gewoon aanbellen , wie weet wie daar woont


  2. angelica Says:

    beautiful post hermine. i love their window sill.

  3. Gerda Says:

    ja, ik zou zeggen, gewoon bellen, je weet maar nooit…

  4. aloÿse Says:

    stranger’s home can be so secret.
    I’m agree, their window tempt to see inside.

  5. melski Says:

    gorgeous! great windows. i love a window box… fog seems so strange to me right now, sky so blue & sun so bright. happy thursday.

  6. anne Says:

    jaaa aanbellen! ben benieuwd 🙂

  7. caroline Says:

    I love how you described the fog. When the fog moves down, I always felt different and couldn’t quite put it to words (I use to call it magical and an world humidifier).

    and I use to walk by my dream house all the time too. but now it’s no longer my dream home (I guess I changed?) but I love the time when I would walk by and and imagine the interior (ok, eventually I found pictures of it inside as well).

  8. Pauline Says:

    Wat een aantrekkingskracht kunnen huizen soms hebben. Het is ook zo spannend om te fantaseren hoe het er binnen uitziet.
    Leuke handschoenen heb je.
    Liefs, Pauline

  9. Onah Says:

    Iedereen heeft wel zo een cozy uitziend huisje in zijn straat 😀

    leuke post trouwens!


  10. jokemijn Says:

    Ik begrijp de aantrekkingskracht, maar ikzelf zou het toch wat scary vinden mocht plots iemand vragen om mijn huis aan de binnenkant te zien, of zo’n gedetailleerde foto’s op haar blog plaatsen. No offence, Hermine 🙂

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