A few years ago I discovered the “moleskine diaries”. From that moment my addiction to these beautiful paperware have started. I always love the moment that I can buy a new agenda for the next year, because it always feels like a new start. My agenda is a collection of little treasures that I find, flowers, feathers, beautiful papers, …. . I always chose one picture a week to stick in my agenda, because I don’t like it when it’s empty and clean.

Think I would be really sad if I would lose this book, because it’s really a big part of me. I wonder, are you so attached to your agenda as well ? And how does he look like ?

|I bought the new cd of Florence & the machine, I’m listening to it over, over and over again. | Look at the pilea-plant, he looked like this a few months ago, and now he already need a bigger pot |


12 Responses to “Moleskine.”

  1. Haa, ik heb nu ook die rode gekocht, maar met een HELE pagina per DAG! Oh ik verheug me nu al op het nieuwe jaar… Om die pagina’s tot in de hoekjes te vullen met to-do lijstjes, en doedels, en favorietjes, en ja – waarom ook niet? – prentjes!

  2. caroline Says:

    I like how you incorporated your moleskine as a journal. I had the exact same planner about two years ago and I used it as a planner, and although I keep all my planners, it isn’t as memorable as yours. b

  3. Mdmslle Says:

    Uh, I love Florence & the Machine! Good choice, enjoy it and have a lovely week!

  4. éva-mona Says:

    I just wrote a post about my planner/agenda : ) I like the moment when I find THE new planner to go along with me for the year to come. I like to buy a different, yet original one every year though it can be sometimes difficult to find one that I haven’t had yet.
    You can see it here on my blog :
    but I haven’t used it yet!
    Have a nice Sunday evening,

  5. Dina Says:

    Moleskines are so perfect; how funny, I also press flowers in mine sometimes!

    Would it be OK to add your beautiful blog to my blogroll? xx

  6. Pauline Says:

    Ik ben gek op die kleine moleskine notitieboekjes en agenda’s. Die van jou zien er ook zo gezellig uit. Die verzamelingen vind ik zo bijzonder. Ik vind het zelf ook zo leuk om weer jaren terug te kijken in zo’n boekje. Heb er ook 1 met vakjes. Daar kun je echt veel in verzamelen. Ik heb daar mijn dierbare polaroids in.
    Liefs, Pauline

  7. Teresa Says:

    What a lovely agenda you have!
    Since I can remember, I’ve always had a notebook. I agree, it really is part of us. At the moment I have a black Moleskine, but I keep changing, I prefer them with blank pages. I usually collect images and make collages on it with everyday notes. As the years go by they are more personalized and I like that feeling!

  8. anne Says:

    mijn moleskine ziet er net zoiets uit – leuk om in de jouwe te gluren 🙂

  9. I always like sneak peaks into other peoples’ diaries and planners. So inspiring. 🙂

  10. Gerda Says:

    ben ik dan de enige met een flow-agenda???

  11. Studio Meez Says:

    Wat een mooie manier om je moleskine te vullen. Sinds ik van school ben blijft die van mijn leeg en staat alles gekribbeld op papiertjes. Maar ik blijf er wel kopen want het zijn zon’n leuke boekjes. Volgend jaar nog eens proberen.

  12. karin Says:

    what a lovely post, you can follow the images like a story , they go so well together.

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