Inside beauty.


Yesterday morning I decided to make a little bike-tour in the morning, to relax. It felt so great to feel the cold on my skin, and see the beautiful autumn sun show his first shines. Perfect way to de-stress.
I thought it was a good idea to go to the thriftstore. It felt like it didn’t was my lucky day, but then suddenly I opened (by accident) a big dirty cover of a map, and I was speachless about what was in it. A full research of someone who studied lace. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I took it home with me, I’m so happy with it. Maybe I’ll make a new map of all the information, so it will become a beautiful book with lace and drawings. I don’t think making lace is something for me, just like how it looks, and love the drawings they make before they start making it.

I also found some beautiful handkerchiefs with little embroidered flowers en lace. Very pretty and fragile.

Happy weekend.

| My lovely sweet cats, Pupuce and Emile | The blue doily is almost ready, but my wire isn’t long enough to finish it. Next week I’ll search for the same wire, so I can fix it. | Looking forward to my saturday-ritual, a walk in the city and a coffee at my favourite place |



20 Responses to “Inside beauty.”

  1. coco Says:

    i like those hankirchief, seems like you had a very interesting, good day.
    have a lovely weekend.

  2. angelica Says:

    love your cats!

  3. alma Says:

    Such a lovely story!

  4. Studio Meez Says:

    Die map doet me denken aan de mappen van m’n mama toen ze nog kloste. Ziet er net hetzelfde uit.
    Hele mooie vondsten die zakdoeken.

    Geniet van je weekend!

  5. Balthazar Says:

    Your posts are always so beautiful. They always make me feel good. Hee, and I like your cats! The black and white one looks annoyed! The naughty thing must hate the camera 🙂

  6. jaloers op jouw vondsten. prachtig!

  7. Gerda Says:

    vroeger gingen wij met ons klasje altijd naar het begijnhof om te kantklossen, echt zo moeilijk, maar zo fijn om doen, moet je echt eens proberen…
    ik wil ook een katje…feel a bit lonely without liliane…

  8. Patricia Says:

    Dear Hermine, Loved to hear from you, your dreams and projects. Hope that your every dream, would become true!

    I promisse to write you back as sooner as possible…this month i’ve been incredibly busy. Thanks for your time and little souvenirs, made my day much better.

    ( i will tell you about my nickname when i write back: D)

  9. Onah Says:

    such nice pictures. Love your blog

  10. easy shapes Says:

    waaw hermine, echt cool. Die map wil ik ook wel eens inkijken, denk dat heel inspirerend kan zijn, die motiefjes en patronen. En om er een boek van te maken…. hehehe dat zie ik wel zitten hoor 🙂
    Geen erg dat je blauwe draad te kort is, je weet dat ik hou van onperfecte zaken, dus misschien wel leuk dat je nu verplicht bent om het zo on-af te laten, of verder te gaan met een andere (fluo)-kleur.

  11. Koey Says:

    These are lovely.
    You look like an expert in terms of lace.:)

  12. jeska Says:

    what a great treasure! I was recently given an amazing box of old lace by one of my fathers friends and inside was an old letter from 1950’s to a lace school with samples and old stamps it was my favourite thing to find, so have fun with yours x

  13. wow. i just found your blog and love it. you take so great pictures of great things!

  14. eyesnacks Says:

    Wat een “schat ” heb je gevonden…geniet maar van deze prachtige werkjes!

  15. Kerry Says:

    What a good day and an amazing find! Your cats are so sweet and I keep meaning to leave you a message to say I always love to visit your blog. Your words, your pictures – just lovely 🙂 I hope your weekend has been a good one.

  16. gini Says:

    bonjour !!!hermine!!
    how are you?
    i love your cat! and your gorgeous crochet work!
    here is a song my friend Camille made about her cat.
    for your cat:


  17. M. Says:

    So cute cats!

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