Coffee & crochet.


Last week I feel so stressy, I don’t know why, just have this annoying feeling all the time. Two things that calm me down during this periode are walking, and drinking a coffee while I work on a crochet work. When I do that I can clear my mind for a little while.

Today the woman of my favourite coffeebar gave me this spoon with the bird. I was so happy when I saw the little spoon, because I love birds so much. It even looked like it was predestinated.

Does someone have some tips about what I can do against this stressy-feeling ?

(it looks like I have a favourite plant these days. hihi)

Happy weekend to you all !


22 Responses to “Coffee & crochet.”

  1. Floddertje Says:

    Dit gevoel heb ik ook vaak, heel vervelend. Mijn brief is klaar, ik zal het maandag sturen 🙂

  2. jenna Says:

    goodness those doilies are gorgeous! the only thing i can suggest to help with tension is slow, deep breathing and renewing your focus on the present. i should learn to take my own advice though.

  3. Gerda Says:

    bak een taartje of koekjes…nog meer werk…haha!
    of ga een pannekoekje eten…of smijt je gewoon in al je drukte en gaan met die banaan, ik geloof in je, minemie!!!!

  4. pierre Says:

    your coffe look so good !!!!!!

  5. joana Says:

    oh my! that spoon is fantastic! i don’t think i’ve ever seen such a detailed little spoon!
    and your crochets are so lovely i feel like i should frame one, like a picture 🙂

  6. Sofia Says:

    I have a different remedy to stress feeling.. what I try to do is take on board the stress and try to get a lot of things done so that I can see them finalized which in the end brings me a feeling of satisfaction and then I calm down because of it. But if there is no way of this working for you, I suggest good sleep, some vitamins from warm soups and freshly cut vegetables and fruits, and do something you really enjoy but that at the same time is relaxing.

  7. Eve Cg Says:

    everythings looks so beautiful!

  8. knitting helps me a lot but sometimes just walking around with friends or reading in a park.
    Hope the stressy felling goes away!

  9. Louise Mills Says:

    Hi Hermine,

    Your coffee looks delicious mmm 🙂 I love good coffee!
    I find exercise helps stress and clears your mind and makes you feel positive, yoga or an exercise class and also dancing and good music! Of course weaving something for fun is very relaxing,

    Take care!

  10. Marguérite Says:

    Dag hermine, een kopje koffie afwisselen met een kopje thee kan al deugd doen, teveel caffeine zorgt voor kriebels. Verder doet een boswandeling, een yoga les of een boek lezen mij altijd wel deugd. Er komt een postduif uw kant op!

  11. Frank Says:

    Hate to say this to you, Hermine, but drinking (too much) coffee makes you feel stressy .. slow down on coffee consumption, only in the mornings, and drink herbal thee in the afternoon and evenings.
    Also go with a jogging/sports club, go sporting twice, tree times a week, so that you are very tired. After a shower you will feel much better. It’s good for your brain also, you are sitting down too much knitting and thinking all the time ..

    • Oh, But dear Frank, I just drink one cup a day during the weekends. And sometimes one in the week as well 🙂 But thanks for the tip !

      • Frank Says:

        Oh, Hermine, sorry, I thought you had as much coffee as me, and that is way too much 🙂 But 2 or 3 cups of coffee a day is ok ..

  12. Luister eens naar Raoul – – over ‘bezig zijn’. Zo vind ik de rust die ik soms heel onrustig zoek.

  13. alessandra Says:

    I know it sounds obvious but I drink chamomile (plenty) all day! also have a nice walk or a film that make you laugh helps. Read a good light book, or browsing magazines, looking at beautiful calming images, have a bath, stroke a cat, have a laugh with friends or family, have a good sleep (that is the last resort) when I have enough I shut down from the rest of the world and I sleep. Definitely knitting or crochet ease the stress.
    what I don’t do when I feel stressed is: read newspapers, watch news, drink coffee (only a capuccino perhaps and decaf), eat junk food (it makes it worse).
    Lovely images and beautiful crochet.

  14. lize Says:

    Die tafel met het marmeren blad is me zeer bekend 🙂
    Als je fan bent van birds, zag je dan het behangpapier daar vanachter al? Zo mooi!

  15. Ingrid Says:

    oh ja, dat is een vervelend gevoel..maar ondertussen heb je wel weer mooie haaksels gemaakt. Ik merk dat bij mij stikken of borduren ook rust geeft,dan verdwijt het opgejaagde gevoel.

  16. Studio Meez Says:

    Ik probeer wat minder koffie te drinken en meer thee in zulke periodes, anders heb ik er nog meer last van. Wandelingen maken en nutteloze dingen doen waar je niet bij moet nadenken helpt bij mij.

  17. […] we were writing I was drinking a coffee. And … the beautiful spoon with the bird was on my plate again. I was extatic, and so happy. One of my friends asked Dieter […]

  18. Jintonic Says:

    hello, I’ve just found your amazing blog!!!
    I love your photographs, especially lots of coffe posting!

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