Oog in oog.


A week ago I developed a film that was in my camera. I love the surprise of the pictures, they are full of beautiful memories. They remindeded me of all the lovely people I met this summer.

Since I start writing letters, I met so many letter-friends. But it is so exiting to meet my letter-friends in real life. Like I did this summer, where I met Geneviève in Berlin, Pierre in Paris, and Chiara in Belgium. And ofcourse the friendly Joseph and Sonia, who came all their way from America to Belgium.

I’m always so so nervous when i’ll meet someone new. But when I see them, and speak to them it feels like I know them for ages. And it gives me such a warm feeling to know that they are real. Meeting people around the world is a part of my letter-project-dream, and this dream is comming true. Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Portugal, Sweden, Belgium … ? What will be my next coffee-drink-stop-with-lovely-people ?

Belgium – September 2011 – Me, Sonia & Joseph

Paris – August 2011 – Pierre, me and Sophie

Berlin – July 2011- Geneviève and my two friends

(oh, I have great news about the letter-project. More about it later. )


14 Responses to “Oog in oog.”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I vote for Sweden 😉

  2. blandina Says:

    What about Florence, Italy?

  3. Marguerite Says:

    Schoon, je haar zo. En schoon, al die ontmoetingen en verhalen.

  4. Gerda Says:

    I know the news I know the news!!!

    Hermine, mooi als je je lippen zo mooi opmaakt…en je haar ziet er beeldig uit met die haarlinten, kom zo eens meer buiten!!!

    PieRRRRRRReeee (hahaha)

  5. C SATHAL Says:

    I love the meaning and the human warmth of this project!
    On the picture with the red sweater, you inspire me an actress of silent film, you are very beautiful !

  6. alma Says:

    Such a lovely presentation!

  7. Studio Meez Says:

    Mooi zo dat sjaaltje in je haar!
    Ben heel benieuwd naar het grote nieuws!

  8. Jessica Says:

    america, duh. your project has grown so much and i’m excited for the news!

  9. dominika Says:

    You’re invited to Poland, my friend. Cheers! Dominika

  10. Wat ben je mooi.
    Wat leuk om jou te kennen.
    Wat leuk dat we samen nog veel dromen hebben.

  11. Teresa Says:

    Must be a wonderful feeling to meet the people that you first knew by letter! Through the pictures I can see you’ve had a great time!
    The dream becomes reality! I’m happy for you!
    You’ll be welcome in Portugal anytime! I hope someday I can visit you in Antwerp!

  12. joana Says:

    those analog pictures are so beautiful! you should post some more often!
    let me know if you stop in portugal, and you can count me in for coffee-drink-stop-with-lovely-people 😉

  13. alicia Says:

    you look very nice with the orange jacket 🙂

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