A lot to tell.


Today I want to show you things that I love.

First of all I want to show you my new crochet work (here and here can you see it when I was still working on it), it’s always such a bizar feeling of finishing a work. It’s a happy feeling, but at the same time it’s a bit like melancholy. Kind of saying goodbye to it.
The last few days I’m thinking about doing something with the feathers I always find. Not sure about what I will do, it still needs some thinking.

Other things I love are: Beautiful wool – Birthday plants – books with photographs


My favourite shop moved into a new place. It’s more then perfect, everything is so right. The beautiful clothes, the colours on the walls, the furniture, … . I’m still overwhelmed by this little piece of heaven (and I’m totally in love with this green-skirt. ) I just can show you pictures, but I believe you all have to try to visit this magical beautiful shop and experience it yourself.

Here can you see all my previous posts about the shop. The ‘old’-twiggy-store was on my way to school, and every morning I just had to stop to look at the window. And dream of those beautiful clothes.

Notarisstraat 3
9000 Gent

(Thank you so much for all of your supporting sweet words the last week.)


7 Responses to “A lot to tell.”

  1. Frank Says:

    Dag Hermine,

    misschien kan je een hele speciale ‘dreamcatcher’ maken met de veren ..

    Je hebt een hele mooie blog, dankjewel.

  2. maria Says:

    aoh, so beautiful work hermine, i love the color, the design & structure you chose, congratulations ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Gerda Says:

    Mooie blauwe kleur!
    Herminemie, gewoon gaan voor die groen rok, echt iets voor jou!!!!

  4. Sophie Says:

    het plantje doet het goed ๐Ÿ™‚ en wat een mooi haakwerkje! echt prachtig. x

  5. I love the little plant with round leaves.
    What is it?
    good week

  6. anne Says:

    leuke post! en mooie verzameling leuke dingen!!

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