I have sad news, the opening of my webshop will be delayed. So sad, because I really wanted to open it on my birthday (in two weeks) but it’s so busy at the moment. I try to work on all my projects in the little free-time I have, but I’m not able to finish it in time. But, it will open soon. I promise ! I’ll keep you posted.

Sorry for the delay… .

But not all sad news, last week my dear penpall Joseph (and his beautiful girlfriend Sonia) came to Belgium for their vacation. They are amazing, and I couldn’t stop looking at them and think “oooh, they are real !”. We had some nice walks together in Ghent and Brussels. I made Joseph a special birthday-present. 365 letters, one a day, because he loves letters as much as I do. (I can’t show you more, because it still have to be a surprise for him)
Next week they leave, and go back to their home in America. Ooh … I don’t like to say goodbye …. .

Take care, dear friends.
Until soon.


12 Responses to “Delay.”

  1. I hope your shop will open soon …
    Have a sweet weekend.
    See you soon:)

  2. Helena. Says:

    I’m so glad to have some news of you, and a bit sad for your web-shop…
    It’s so great to have penpals, and to keep an amical relation with them !
    See you later with more (good) news and pretty photos !


    P.S : Your cats are so sweet !

  3. wat een ontmoetingen!
    (en maak maar wat tijd voor jouw shop, ik ben TE nieuwsgierig, echt TE)
    prettige zondag!

  4. joana Says:

    looking forward to seeing your online shop 🙂

    how nice to have them there! that’s a wonderful concept, to write to someone far away and then have them visit you and your hometown…
    365 letters?! wow… that’s impressive!

    p.s.- has my letter arrived yet?

  5. What a beautiful thought, 365 letters. One for each day.
    Pretty pretty pretty!!

  6. Gerda Says:

    Lieveke, dan kan je je extra concentreren op je verjaardag, das ook belangrijk!!!
    Nog veel plezier met Joseph…
    Hopelijk tot gauw, dikke kus Herminemie!

  7. Katrien Says:

    🙂 fijn te lezen

  8. Helena. Says:

    Oh Hermine, could you do me a favor? You who know the plants, could you tell me what kind of soil should I use for my cactus ?
    Thank you, thank you 🙂

  9. Helena. Says:

    Thank you for your answer, i will follow your advice 🙂

  10. Jessica Says:

    Oh, I’m jealous that Joseph was able to make it overseas. Someday I’ll come visit from America. Someday!

    Love the letters and the kitties. XX

  11. 365 letters? You’re such a great friend, I’m sure he’ll love it. I know I would!

    Camila Faria

  12. Susi Says:

    I like the ones with the cat on it! 🙂 cute!

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