Beautiful stories.


Beautiful stories tonight, like I promised you a few days ago.

A few days ago, while I was taking care of the plants at my work, a girl stept by. She was looking at the plants, she walked away but still was looking. She was very beautiful, she smiled, and came back to me. She told me that she was reading my blog, so that was the reason she was looking. What a lovely surprise that she recognized me. I kept on smiling for the rest of the day. After my lunchbreak I went downstairs to go back to work. And there was a surprise waiting for me. A beautiful beautiful surprise. An envelope, with a drawing of me (with the polkadot-shirt and red earrings that I was wearing that day). Thank you so so much, beautiful stranger. I’m still smiling of this amazing thing that is happend to me. Thanks !

Another story, a sad (but beautiful one). While I was working behind my desk a few hours ago, a little bird flew against my window. He couldn’t survive it, poor little thing. So I took some picture of it, to give it a beautiful last day. And then I buried him. Sweet dreams, little bird.

(I love my corner with a few of my bags. I collect them.)


15 Responses to “Beautiful stories.”

  1. oh one of the sweetest things! and one of the most sad with it, poor lovely little bird… but both of them very beautiful, yes

  2. angelica Says:

    the story with the stranger is so sweet. im so sorry about the little bird. hope you have a lovely week.

  3. Thumbly Says:

    Yes, beautiful stories indeed. Thank you for telling us them! And one last thought to the poor sweet bird.

  4. joana Says:

    that bird is so beautiful! i always cringe when i see a dead animal… it’s so sad…

    what a lovely surprise! it’s one of those things that hapen once in a lifetime 🙂

  5. Alicia Says:

    lovely drawing! and poor little bird 😦

  6. ashley Says:

    what a nice compliment! and beautiful little bird 😦

  7. Frank Says:

    Mooie foto’s ! Pimpelmees denk ik, weet niet zeker ..

  8. C SATHAL Says:

    Everything in this text is poetic. is a pleasure to read you 🙂

  9. Julie Says:

    Wat een mooi vogeltje, wel heel triest dat hij het niet gehaald heeft. Heerlijk zo’ n verrassing, het kan je dag helemaal maken. Wat fijn.

  10. Elisabeth Says:

    All beautiful here.

  11. Ingrid Says:

    Oh,wat zielig en zit jij weer koffie te drinken bij Cascona(hmm naam klopt volgens mij niet helemaal)

  12. Koey Says:

    That’s a lovely bird… ;(

  13. Amanda Says:

    beautiful as always.

  14. Jessica Says:

    This post hurt my heart and warmed it at the same time. So much love for that little creature.

    P.S. Always love to hear your stories.

  15. merula Says:

    wat een mooie ontmoetingen!
    Helaas was het vogeltje dood, maar had je wel de kans om hem zo mooi in je hand te houden en de foto’s ervan te maken! Meesjes zijn 1 van mijn lievelings vogeltjes!

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