Two days in Paris. The city of my dreams. One day I want to live there, with a cat and my weavingloom. How great would that be ?

Sophie and I had the perfect weekend in Paris, we found some lovely shops, made endless walks. We visited a beautiful weaving-company and ofcourse we met Pierre. He took us to this great outside film-festival in a beautiful parc, it was so nice to be there with him !

This weekend I’ll tell you a beautiful story, something that happend to me yesterday. It was magical, but I want to keep this story for the weekend.

Lovely addresses:

* Au bon pain d’autrefois – Place des petits-pères
the most beautiful little bakery, with delicious macarons.

* La drogerie – Rue du jour 9-11
A shop full with bottons, wool, pearls, … . A little paradise.

* La boule rouge – Rue Ste croix de la bretonniere 40
A dream for people who love paper bags and stickers.

* Jardin des plantes – Quai Sint-Bernard
If you want to see plants, and the most beautiful greenhouses. Then you have to go to this place.

* Rue Francois Miron
A street full with nice shops with a lot of etnic-spirited-objects. You also can find two stores of Petit Pan in that street.

* Mahlia Kent – Avenue Daumesnil 19
Do you love weaving ? Then you have to visit this showroom / atelier from the weaving company ‘Mahlia Kent’. It’s a little paradise. In the street you can find more ateliers and lovely shops.


18 Responses to “Paris.”

  1. Alyson Says:

    Such lovely photos, Hermine! Gosh, Paris is beautiful. I cannot wait to visit again someday.

  2. Sophie Says:

    I like your blog very much:) Just found it.
    /all the best from denmark.

  3. melski Says:

    gorgeous! i love that fourth picture with the shoes & tiles. sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  4. “A dream for people who love paper bags and stickers.” – that should be everyone 😉

  5. Mdmslle Says:

    Paris must be so wonderful, full of lovely vintage places & details! I am glad you enjoyed your time there & hopefully your dream will come true one day! Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Paris sounds truly great. I’m looking forward to reading what happened to you! And thank you for your sweet comment 🙂

  7. Thumbly Says:

    Mmmm I love your shoes! And that funny bunny 🙂

  8. Studio Meez Says:

    Klinkt en ziet eruit als een perfect weekend! Ben benieuwd naar je verhaal!
    Ik ga de adresjes zeker en vast bijhouden voor als ik ook een keertje ga.

  9. oh la la Paris Paris – eerste plaatje lijk je net even weggelopen van een vroeg 20ste eeuwse filmset

  10. Gerda Says:

    Paris would love to have you, but I think Belgium would be ever so sad to have lost you…
    I’m still glad you had this amazing time and that you finally met Pierrrrrrreeeee!!

  11. joana Says:

    oh paris… i miss it…
    thanks for the list of treasure shops!

  12. gini Says:

    ohlalal im so sorry i’ve been meaning to email u my favorite places! ok if it’s not too late:
    nanashi restaurant near rue de bretagne
    marché des enfants rouges rue de bretagne metro arts et metiers
    rose bakery ( 35 rue Debelleyme near rue de bretagne) not too busy after 14h.
    bogato patissery & shop (
    junku library (pyramides)
    café sésame quay de valmy (metro république)
    antoine et lili = quay de valmy
    artazart library = quay de valmy
    Hema shop (like a mini IKEA but amazing papers & cheap) @ les halles (outside)

    voilà enjoy

  13. Oh,looks great Hermine and you had beautiful wheater!

  14. Claudia Says:

    Paris is awesome. Have been there myself, but it is already so long time ago…

  15. C SATHAL Says:

    Bon séjour Hermine 🙂

  16. Lisa Says:

    Waw, zo’n grote macaron! Ik heb dat nog nooit gegeten maar het ziet er zo prinsessig lekker uit! En die serres, zo mooi en ook zo prinsessig… Volgende keer dat ik naar Parijs ga, pak ik je lijstje mee. En ik ben ook benieuwd naar je verhaaltje, maar ik denk dat ik het al ken 😉

  17. oh, how lovely, thanks for your paris tips too!

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