The weekend was relaxed. I enjoyed being home, with my cats, walking in the garden. Did some experimenting with textiles, made chocomouse, stayed in bed very long with my new garden book. Sometimes we need this kind of days.

I also dit a lot of letter writing, I enjoyed it a lot ! Here can you see my new received post, it’s so so heartwarming to find all those beautiful treasures in my mailbox.

And I have good news. I chose a date to launch my webshop. It will be on the 21th september, that’s my birthday. I think it’s a nice gift for myself to make my dream come true on my birthday. What do you think ? Now I first have to figure out where I want to open a shop. What do you think, etsy, bigcartel or something else ??

Enjoy your new week !


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  1. Marguerite Says:

    liefste hermine, dat klinken als fijne dagen!
    ik schreef jou vandaag een tweede brief, mijn eerste ligt nog altijd te wachten om gepost te worden op mijn appartement, maar ik ben er een hele tijd niet geweest – ai. in elk geval, ik ben uw schat van een brief niet vergeten en er komen er dus binnenkort 2 in uw bus! fijne avond jij, Griet

  2. Karina Nielsen Rios Says:

    I really look forward to your shop and hope it would be possible for me to buy from you before sold out. I have a little shop on etsy.
    I love your idea of the letter project and look forward to receive letter from you.


  3. Always beautiful pictures …
    I wait to see your shop!
    Nice week:)

  4. Myrte Says:

    Doe Etsy!

    Ik heb je post ontvangen en ik ben er héél blij mee, duizendmaaldank! Ik ga er nog een post aan wijden als mn rolletje weer vol is (:


  5. anne Says:

    goed weekend, goeie datum!
    en een heel leuk groen truitje 🙂

  6. Louise Mills Says:

    Very Excited to see your web shop birthday opening!! Etsy is brilliant! Lovely, inspiring photos Hermine 🙂

  7. Louise Mills Says:

    Very Excited to see your web shop birthday opening!! Etsy is brilliant! Lovely, inspiring photos Hermine 🙂 x

  8. Abraham Says:

    En waarom niet een zelfstandig webshop? Op Etsy sta je tussen de menigte.
    In ieder geval: heel veel succes gewenst!!

  9. debbie Says:

    Oeh Hermine, spannend! Ik kan niet wachten tot de 21ste! 🙂

  10. Teresa Says:

    I’m so happy for you!
    It’s wonderful that you’ll be fulfilling a dream in your birthday!

  11. Studio Meez Says:

    BigCartel! Daar kies ik toch voor. Minder fees die je moet betalen en je kunt de layout van je pagina zelf min of meer ontwerpen.

  12. July Skies Says:

    really beautiful envelopes x

  13. sarapirat Says:

    ook bij jou grooit de avocado pit. wat mooi is dat toch? ik ben benieuwd wat gebeurt met die van mij, want ik ben daar nu twee weken niet….
    ik was zo blij met je brief.nog niet gerageerd daarop, of wel in mijn gedachten!

  14. janis Says:

    Very exciting news – congratulations

    My preference is Bigcartel. You have more control over what your page looks like – it’s a much cleaner design. Etsy is a little too busy looking for me. Though whichever one you choose, I’m sure it will be very nice.

  15. angelica Says:

    hope everything goes well with your webshop. nice idea to launch it on your birthday. i personally prefer bigcartel. it’s neater and easier to navigate.

  16. Dear Hermine,
    Thank you so much for your lovely letter. It was a pleasure to open it and find a lot af small treasuries.
    I have start preparing for my letter to you.

  17. coco Says:

    hello hermine,
    i am so amazed by your consistency in writing to people. it is such a nice gift.
    Enjoy your home and peaceful moment.

  18. gini Says:

    i use BigcarteL cause i can create a simple profile!
    see here

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