It’s not going well with my grandmother Gaby (she’s actually not my biological grandmother, but it feels like she is.). She always been an amazing strong modern woman. But now she’s in hospital, she’s still strong, but I’m worried about her. And it makes me so sad to see her there. Hope she will be better very very soon.

So today I’ll show you some things that cheer me up. Some crochets I made, a few letters I’ve wrote to lovely people, the wonderfully beautiful package I received from Marieke, the sweetest words from Joseph, the cats, the carpetproject, …. . I smile when I see my avocado’s grow and grow, I even have put them into the soil.

About the letters. There where a few letters that I send, that came back to me, underprized. So I posted them this morning again, hope they will arrive soon. The others who didn’t received a letter yet, it will come soon. But because of the bad new of Gaby, I didn’t found the strenght to start writing again. Hopefully next weekend it will be a better writing-mood. Promise !


19 Responses to “Gaby.”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Sending wishes of health to your grand-mother. Hope she is better very soon!

  2. Danielle P. Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that your grandmother is unwell…

  3. Balthazar Says:

    I am sending good thoughts your way…

  4. anne Says:

    veel beterschapjes voor je oma!!

  5. Mdmslle. Says:

    So sad. Take care of you, hopefully everything will turn out well. All my thoughts with you.

  6. Studio Meez Says:

    Ik wens je oma heel veel beterschap toe!

  7. tak Says:

    glad to read that I could cheer you up a little bit.
    All the best for your grandmother!!!

  8. Rebecca Says:

    I hope your friend is better soon. I have been away for a while so I have lots of lovely posts to read on your blog!

  9. Myrte Says:

    Wat vervelend om te horen.. Heel veel sterkte voor jullie beide!

  10. Gerda Says:

    Lieve Herminemie, wat jammer om te horen…
    Gaat het een beetje, meid?
    Als ik je met iets kan helpen, laat zeker weten, hé!
    Of een telefoontje midden in de nacht, niet aarzelen, zoetje!

    Veel moed, lieve Hermine!

  11. chiara Says:


    Mijn opa is ook heel ziek.. ik snap dat dat pijn doet.

    En zie schrijven nooit als een opdracht, als iets dat je “volgende week dan maar zal doen”.

    Liefs en ik zie je snel.

  12. please, can i become your new cat ?

  13. severien Says:

    nooit leuk als het niet goed gaat met iemand die je graag hebt.

    je avocado’s zien er goed uit, ik heb ook een hele vensterbank vol. zelfs al twee volledig uitgegroeide planten, die echt mooi en groot zijn geworden. (tafelhoogte ongeveer) helemaal de moeite waard om erop te wachten! 🙂 de laatste foto vind ik supermooi, die kaders!

  14. isabelle Says:

    I like your lovely blog !

  15. inge Says:

    Hermine, onze gedachten zijn bij jou en jouw oma. Blijf je ondertussen verwonderen over de mooie dingen rondom jou.

  16. Teresa Says:

    I wish that everything goes well with your grandmother.
    Sending you thoughts of strenght and hope!

  17. joana Says:

    i hope your grandmother feels better soon! it’s always so scary to see somenone older in a hospital…. but at least she’s still strong!

    i love your crochets! i wish i could do them… but i still have to learn hoe to do it left handed…

    thank you for the lovely letter full of little treasures! it was a nice treat to find as i got home 😉

  18. […] little while ago I told you that my grandmother was very ill. There is some sad news, she passed away a few days ago. I’m […]

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