Comming soon.


Do you remember these two post ( here and here) about the weavings I did a little while ago ?

Well, at the moment I’m busy with transforming them into wallets. It is a bit more work then I thought it will, but I’m having fun. And I’m learning a lot, because I never been good in sewing. But I think I start to discover how it works. I also keep a little piece of the woven fabric to put in a book together with the explanation of how I made it. Normally I’m very sloppy with my notes, but this time I want to do it good.

There is a surprise, for a long time I was dreaming of selling my handwoven treasures, but I never dare to start for real. But I decided to sell my items very soon ! I still have to search for what kind of atmosphere I want to create, how to pack the items, how my cards will look like, … . There is still a lot of work, but I want to share my idea with you all. What do you think ?

I’ll keep you posted about when I will open the shop. Hope to see you there again.

(oh, and some other good news. I’m waiting for my new camera, my first Canon ever. Look forward to take pictures with it.)

There is a new update at my ‘letter project’-blog, thank you so much Alicia, Joseph and Lilia for you amazing letters that I received last week. And I also want to thank all the others who took the time to send me a piece of their hearts.

Also a new update at my ‘words for strangers’-blog.


26 Responses to “Comming soon.”

  1. Danielle P. Says:

    Your little wallets are very beautiful. I love the colours!

    I’m curious, Hermine: could you tell me what kind of yarn you use for your weaving (wool, cotton, etc.)?

    • dear Danielle,

      I always use natural materials like cotton, mohair, wool, …. . I almost never use synthetic yarns, because that’s against my view on textiles.
      It’s always a mix of different materials. For the warp I used cotton, because that’s the easiest to weave.

      Love, Hermine

  2. Barbara Says:

    Very lovely news! Go and live your dream! If you don’t dare you will have to wait maybe a long time to become true! I believe in you & can’t wait to see its appearance!

  3. Alyson Says:

    I am very excited to hear this! I’ve long wished to own one of your beautiful pieces, Hermine. You’ll be shipping to the States, I hope?

  4. mieke Says:

    mooie weefseltjes, wol is ook erg fijn als ketting hoor, plakt af en toe, maar kan erg mooie resultaten geven

  5. Jessica Says:

    Ooh, I’m excited to see how you package your things! You should definitely use your own illustrations—I love them. (I’m also a sucker for anything printed on brown Kraft paper.)

  6. look forward to see your shop soon! I’ll be your customer for sure 🙂 like the color scheme of your work.

  7. Floddertje Says:

    Ontzettend mooi…

  8. oh hermine! they are the most best!
    i cannot wait at all to buy myself one ❤

  9. oh hermine! they are the very best!
    i cannot wait at all to buy myself one ❤

  10. Carissa Says:

    Your work is so beautiful! I’m happy to hear that you’re trusting yourself and making this leap! I’m definitely interested in a scarf or headband, if you’ll ship to Canada. 🙂

    Most handmade items I buy online (esp. from etsy) are way over packaged. I’d rather receive minimal packaging, preferably something reusable (like an illustration that could be turned into a card).

    xo Carissa

  11. joana Says:

    i can’t wait!
    the wallets look wonderful! i always appreciate and treasure things that are handmade better! i’m glad to see such beautiful work done by you 😉

  12. C SATHAL Says:

    perfect and exciting idea ! I can’t wait 🙂

  13. Louise Mills Says:

    Beautiful work Hermine! I love to see how other weavers work and look at technical notes, yarn choice etc!! You seem very busy and I feel inspired to maybe start a blog about my weaving, together we can share the wonderful handcraft!
    I think it’s funny you say you have to learn sewing and make your notes less sloppy, I have the same issues, maybe because weaving takes so much time!!
    Happy weaving,
    Louise x

  14. Julie Says:

    zo mooi, goed zeg dat je het goed gaat bij houden, ik vergeet dat altijd en dan denk ik..ohhh hoe ging het ook alweer! ben zeer benieuwd.

  15. celsy Says:

    Those wallet are gorgeous! i’d love to have one, the patterns are beautiful. keep doing them, they look great 🙂

  16. you make really beautiful things, as far as i see 🙂 so i’m glad you decided to sell your items! i’m sure it’ll be a success 😉

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  17. Els Martens Says:

    Allemaal heel boeiend en ondernemend! Dat combineren met die gekleurde ritsen, die documentatie/fiches over je weefsels, het zoeken naar toepassingen/vormgeving… leuk dat we dit allemaal te zien krijgen! En succes met je camera: herkenbaar, want ik heb ook net een reflexcamera gekocht om nu eindelijk eens te leren manueel te fotograferen: heel spannend.

  18. Dear Hermine,

    Looking forward to buy one of your nice wallets, perhaps in blue indigo, my favorite color!

  19. Patrice A. Says:

    erg fijn ziet het eruit
    die mooie zachte blauwen en groenen
    mijn favorieten!
    ik vind de stukjes opzichzelf al mooi

    enals ik zie hoe je brieven eruitzien
    komt dat met het verpakken wel goed!

  20. A little happier Says:

    It looks like a very nice new project! I wish you a lot of pleasure in puting it in place

  21. Teresa Says:

    Wonderful wallets! I love the patterns and colours!
    Good luck with your shop! I bet it will be a sucess! 😉

  22. Sara Says:

    I love these wallets you’ve been making and can’t wait until you open your shop!

  23. dani Says:

    very pretty! will be fun to see them all when they’re complete : D

  24. jeska Says:

    love your weavings, zipper choices and this whole post x

  25. Marguerite Says:

    Schoon, ik kijk al uit naar ‘mijn’ Hermine portemonnee!

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