We had such an amazing time in Berlin. We filled our days with a lot of walking, window looking, coffee-drinking, …. . To be honest we didn’t visited any museum. We just walked, but that was more than perfect.

In Berlin I finally met the most lovely woman, Geneviève. She was the first who I start writing with, so she’s very special to me. Like she said, it’s like the “imaginary friends” become real friends. I never forget the nice day I spend with her (and my 4 friends), and hope I’ll see her back soon.

Soon I show you more pictures of my Berlin finds, and some nice addresses.
Enjoy your weekend.

oh, and I loved the Brezels in Berlin a lot !


11 Responses to “Berlin.”

  1. Marion Says:

    berlin in summer looks so lovely.
    have a nice time there!

  2. Jo Spittler Says:

    Sooo gorgeous!
    Which parts of Berlin did you see?
    The bird house in front of the houses looks like it could be Prenzlauer Berg or Mitte.
    I love the “How long is now”, the restaurant with the red tablecloth, the curtains…
    Are you still looking for letter project friends? I’d love to write even if I only have little time (small daughter).

  3. maravdc Says:

    Het ziet er inderdaad superfijn uit! Leuk dat jullie zo’n toffe trip hadden 🙂

  4. merche Says:

    you have a really beautiful blog, realy nice pictures and amazing textile work (and I love avocado plants too) regards from Spain!

  5. Melwa Says:

    Beautiful photos.

  6. Pauline Says:

    Fijn dat je het zo geweldig hebt gehad. Ik heb even meegenoten met je foto’s. Bijzonder is dat hè, om dan iemand te ontmoeten. Ik heb van flickr een vriendin in Barcelona leren kennen. Dat was toen ook zo’n warme ontmoeting. Het voelde meteen goed.
    Liefs, Pauline

  7. it was beautiful to see you! and already i am waiting for the next chance we will have to meet, share a coffee or juice or tea together, take some walks, take some pictures, pick some flowers, make some leaf-crowns… ❤

  8. inge Says:

    How long is now? Waarschijnlijk te kort voor al die bijzondere ervaringen.

  9. beatrice Says:

    I have the same second picture of yours 🙂 nice letters…

  10. merel Says:

    hey hermine,
    ik ga volgende maand ook naar berlijn, heb je een tip voor een gezellig hotelletje? of andere leuke plekken die ik zeker moet zien?

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