These days I did a lot of weaving. I enjoyed being alone at the weavingclass. Looking true the window, playing my favourite music, dreaming, … . So this is the first result. The different pieces will be wallets, I try to sew them this weekend. But it’s vacation, so I won’t rush. I’m also making a handbag out of one of my handwoven fabrics. Hope it will be like it’s in my head.

I’ll fill my vacation with a lot of reading for my thesis. I’ll write about different techniques who change during time, but first I’ve to read a lot about it. I’ll go to Berlin, and Paris. I want to weave a lot, some scarfs, something for Jaime, … . There have to be more research for my final project. I want to do nice things with lovely friends. A new project with a lovely stranger. And so so so much more. Oh god…. my endless ‘to-do’-list. Happily I love to have such a busy periods with a lot of good-inspirational energy.

Untill soon.

I think I love blue


27 Responses to “Free.”

  1. Anne Says:

    Heel mooi! En mooie plannen ook 🙂
    Fijne donderdagavond!

  2. mar Says:

    Your shawl is amazing!
    Have a great holiday.

  3. sophie Says:

    wow, Hermine, wat zien ze er mooi uit die weefsels!

  4. fanja Says:

    beautiful! can’t wait to see your wallets and bag.
    I love blue too.

  5. stan Says:

    … hehe en wie is die vreemde persoon dan?
    Ga je die echt versnijden? Ik vind het zo geweldig als het 1 groot stuk is…
    Veel plezier in Berlijn en Parijs, en tot in augustus!

  6. Julie Says:

    Geweldig zijn ze geworden!!

  7. Erin Says:

    ooo loveliness!

  8. Jaime Says:

    These are so stunning. You really amaze me – I cannot wait for one of my own to treasure. Sounds like a lovely vacation. Xo, Jaime

  9. chiara Says:

    Ik houd van al je pojecten.
    Blijf mij inspireren.

  10. sarapirat Says:

    they are simply gorgeous your scarfs…
    i used to weave with my grandmother. and the loom? i saved for me. id like to start again. to learn more about it.

    oh, waarom schrijf ik nu in het engels?
    wens je een heel fijne dag!

  11. Jo Spittler Says:

    You are wonderfully busy. Such beautiful work all the time…!

  12. kristina Says:

    Sounds like a very nice to do – list!

  13. charlotte Says:

    als je zo’n sjaal maakt zou ik er heel graag één kopen van je! zoiets als foto 3! prachtig!

  14. Myrte Says:

    Heel erg mooi.. en zo knap dat je dat kan!

  15. Jessica Says:

    You ALWAYS amaze me. Those are such beautiful weavings! I love that your “research” involves traveling to beautiful cities and learning more about what you love so much. (Remember that when you get stressed about your thesis. Hehe.)

    P.S. I think I love blue, too.

  16. ashley Says:

    beautiful hermine!

  17. hinke Says:

    heel heel heel erg mooi!

  18. alma Says:

    Oh yes, it’s just beautiful and I’m so happy you thought about me for this wallet… I love it. Thanks again!

  19. Pauline Says:

    Ze zijn schitterend Hermine ! Knap gemaakt.
    Liefs, Pauline

  20. Rebecca Says:

    Your weavings are beautiful! Beautiful, peaceful colours. Just looking at them makes me happy.

  21. tati Says:

    oh my god! how beautiful are those! the colours, the feeling of clouds, flowers and wind coming from the seaside.

  22. Studio Meez Says:

    Heel mooi! Mooie patronen, mooie kleuren, mooi mooi mooi!
    Geniet van je vakantie!

  23. karen Says:

    erg mooie weefstaaltjes!
    Ben je van plan ook sjaals op aanvraag te maken? Ik zou er graag 1tje van je kopen!

  24. Kimberly Says:

    your work is amazing 🙂

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