I love love love to weave. When I entered the weavingclass for the first time, 4 years ago, I knew it for sure that it was a piece of my heart. You can’t separate me from the weaving, we are like one package. Do you have some kind of thing that is really like a piece of you ?

This summer I made a few scarfs, one called ‘Cloud’, ‘Untitled’, ‘Untitled 2’ …. . I want to weave scarfs again, and maybe sell them. I started this weekend, and soon I want to make a few scarfs inspired by Frida Kahlo’s wardrobe. I hope that one day, I can weave scarfs on order. For people who would love to have a beautiful handmade piece. I would love to do that.

Some things I still have to tell. First of all, my presentation went well, I was so relieved. Thank you all for your nice comments.
I also want to show you this amazing video, when I look at this I really want to start making carpets. Wouldn’t that be lovely ?


21 Responses to “Weaving.”

  1. Mdmslle. Says:

    Good to hear that everything turned out well & you have time now, to do your favourite things again! I think your idea is great, hold on that dream of creating & selling your own handmade things! Someday it will come true, I am sure!

  2. Julie Says:

    ziet er waanzinnig mooi uit, ik zou zeker geinteresseerd zijn, mocht je inderdaad deze op den duur willen gaan verkopen!!

  3. Zenobie Says:

    very inspirational, I have been looking at mini looms online!

  4. Balthazar Says:

    You are so amazingly talented, Hermine. So, so, so lovely, too.

  5. gini Says:

    waou! i’m amazed! i wish you could give me some crochet lessons!!!! it looks so beautiful!

  6. gini Says:

    your weaving work is wonderful too!

  7. Jaime Rugh Says:

    you make everything look magical

  8. jokemijn Says:

    ik wil wel een sjaal bij je bestellen als je even tijd hebt! 🙂

  9. Lisa Says:

    Amai, Hermine, zo prachtig… Benieuwd naar hoe je Kahlo-sjaals er zullen uitzien.

    Ik hoop met je mee dat je op een dag met bestellingen kan werken, hihi.

  10. Inger Marie Says:

    Beautiful, your weavings, Hermine – you should really start selling them.

  11. inge Says:

    Droom toch stil dat ik ook ooit met een ‘van dijck-sjaal’ zal rondlopen.
    Bij de haarfoto’s moest ik lachen. Iets voor Renée, dacht ik, Hermine met en zonder ijsje.

  12. anne Says:

    Goeie plannen! Heel benieuwd naar de Frida-sjaals 🙂 En fijn dat de presentatie goed is gegaan!

  13. Els Martens Says:

    Wat toevallig: ik ben zelf net eens terug aan het zien naar mijn weefstalen. In ieder geval: dat motief op de voorlaatste foto (blauw-wit) vind ik schitterend!!!

  14. Pauline Says:

    Wat een prachtige motieven heb je ingeweven. Vind het erg bijzonder om dat te zien. Mooi.
    Groetjes, Pauline

  15. Rebecca Says:

    Your weaving is beautiful. And your posts always make me feel calm. I hope all your little plants are doing well.

  16. Valerie Says:

    what a dream of mine this is !
    beautiful , bith you & your work !
    i’m going to read your blog till the very first post tonight, because i fell in love at first sight with what i see on this front page !!

  17. Valerie Says:

    oops both, not bith 😉

  18. Elisabeth Says:

    Oh, looks so beautiful. All do, here at your place 🙂

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