‘For Emma’


The day started in a bad way, I wanted to order a ticket for the concert from one of my favourite bands. And … there are no tickets anymore. Sold out after 20 minutes. So so so sad. Does someone still have one ticket for the concert of Bon Iver ? Contact me please, I’ll buy it from you and give you an extra present.

The rest of the day was, luckely, happy. Went to the library and found some lovely books about granola, knots and picknicks. Found a beautiful wooden stick. My new beautiful orange / golden cardigan, so in love with him. And want to show you my new doilies. What a day, now back to work !

Hope you all enjoy your sunday. I’ll spend him working, have a lot to do.


16 Responses to “‘For Emma’”

  1. inge Says:

    de eerste foto is zo mooi!

  2. Elke Says:

    oh jammer dat je geen ticket meer hebt kunnen bemachtigen! Ik had al een voorgevoel dat het op een heel korte tijd uitverkocht zou zijn.

  3. maria.hyle Says:

    I just find this lovely blog here and I’m so happy.Thank you -you have visited mine.

  4. Your blog is so wonderful I think! Very nice pictures, I love a good library book! and -wow- the doilys! very nice. Really hope you find a ticket for Bon Iver, I also think it’s a really nice band. All the best /Anna

  5. Satu Says:

    Hey, what a beautiful blog yoy have, I love your photos!

  6. Lisa Says:

    Oh, ik heb die trui ook gepast, maar na lang twijfelen toch maar niet gekocht. Ik vond ze heel mooi maar ze paste niet op mijn lijfje. Ik ben zeker dat jij er stralend mee staat πŸ™‚

    Wat jammer van Bon Iver. Ik zag hem al 2x en het was telkens prachtig. Ik hou mijn oren voor je open als er iemand tickets zou doorverkopen.

    Mooi haakwerk ook!


  7. Marguerite Says:

    oh, wat spijtig zeg, ik heb een ticket kunnen bemachtigingen (na veel stress & refresh x 1240), maar wat ging het snel..

    wat een schone trui!

  8. Sencillez Says:

    this is lovely. the lightspots on picture no. 4 look like hearts. love it!

    hope u’ll get some ticket for the concert. fingers crossed.

  9. Mandy Says:

    Oh my those doilies are beautiful and I love your sandals …. hope you get those tickets !!!

  10. Jessica Says:

    Your new cardigan and stick are both so beautiful. The books look nice too.

    p.s. I received your letter πŸ™‚ It was a lovely surprise as I have been away sick from work and was feeling miserable. x

  11. Claudia Says:

    Oh, I hope you find someone to give you a Bon Iver ticket, that you can see him! I like his music also a lot!
    Your doilies are wonderful! Did you make them all recently? You must be really fast!

  12. sara Says:

    oh, ik zou ook heel graag bon iver willen zien!
    succes daarmee!

  13. Alicia Says:

    I like your doilys and the beautiful orange of your cardigan!

  14. sara Says:

    beter laat dan nooit, vandag kan je een paar brief-fotos bekijken bij mij!

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