Little bird.


Yesterday I was biking home when I saw a sweet woman with a little bird in her hands. I cycled past them first, but I decided to turn back. She told me that she found him on the ground and that she thought he lost his mom. Then we suddenly heard some ‘tjiep-tjiep’, it came from a tree not far from where we stood. When we came closer we saw that there was a little baby-bird under the tree, sad enough he didn’t lived anymore. We suspect that the mother throws her children out of the nest. Because of that we couldn’t leave the bird behind. The girl decided to take him home with her, and try to keep him alive by herself. Goodluck sweet girl.

All of this reminds me of those two birds I once found. One already passed away, and the other one flew against my window but is now flying in the sky again.

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17 Responses to “Little bird.”

  1. Mdmslle Says:

    What a lovely but also sad story. Hopefully it will survive and take care of its own baby birds one day! At my parents house there is a huge window and in my youth a lot of birds flew against it. But most of them didn’t break their neck and after a little while they flew away. Nevertheless I hope you will have a nice wednesday!

  2. jacolien Says:

    awh. hij ziet er al best groot uit, misschien probeerden ze uit te vliegen? of er is een vervelende ekster langs gekomen.
    ik hoop ook dat ‘ie er boven op komt!

  3. Sencillez Says:

    what a cutie. hopefully he will make it!

  4. zenobie Says:

    how sweet! the dead bird photos are sad yet beautiful.

  5. Beckie Says:

    what a sweet but also kind of sad story.
    when i was younger, i found a baby bird in my yard and it had hurt its leg. my dad and i took care of it until it was strong enough to fly.

  6. knitxcore Says:

    what a precious babe!

  7. inge Says:

    ah, wat zou het verhaal van het vogeltje zijn?

    (je zal toch ooit nog iets rond vogeltjes moeten doen, hermine )

  8. So sad to see the dead birds. And I so hope that the little one from the other day will make it. Birds are so lovely creatures.

  9. Anna Says:

    Hope it survives! very sweet but sad story, thank you for sharing. I found three rabbit babies once, hunted away from their parents by angry birds. Two of them had severe injuries sadly, but one little fellow is now hopping around in a forest nearby. Hope he feels well.

  10. mady Says:

    lovely and sad at the same time… hope the little one is doing fine. i once found a budgie in my garden- i kept her and sadly she passed away last year…. but we had 10 wonderful years together!

  11. Aw, this is so sweet and beautiful and sad at the same time. I do like your shots of the birds in your hand, as well as that baby on top.

  12. if jane Says:

    something about you and birds….birds are symbols for messages/news…so…hope you hear something very nice soon…

  13. Mandy Says:

    I agree with If Jane … and it is a beautiful symbol.

  14. je verzameling begint er netjes uit te zien. ze zijn echt prachtig mooi.
    in m’n tuin zitten kleine-musjes. en de kat van de buren heeft ze eergisteren aangevallen 😦 allemaal opgegeten – want ik hoor geen vogeltjes meer uit de boom.

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