I’m playing with colours today, inspired by my summerscarf. I love white, but sometimes, like today, I want to see colours. Blue, green, bright yellow. Love love.

I also want to show you my new doily and this giant figue-tree in front of our atelier (soon I’ll take some better pictures of him to show you how big he really is.). Look at the little beautiful plant I’ve got from my dear friend Sophie, it’s a little brother for this plant who’s already living at my home.

Happy week everyone !


8 Responses to “Bright.”

  1. Kate Says:

    Lovely images! The doily looks beautiful

  2. pierre Says:

    you make my heart blink

  3. Magdalena Says:

    Oh the idea with the plant in the envelope is gorgeous!!! Suuupa dupa!
    Wish you also a nice week!

  4. Studio Meez Says:

    Confetti! Heel leuk idee voor een envelop en een mooie doily

    P.S. Vingers kruisen voor D&K! Mijn proefdagje werken viel alvast heel goed mee. Hoop dat ik kan starten want het is er zo leuk en dan zien we elkaar in de vakantie.

  5. inge Says:

    Ik hoop dat het vandaag ook een speelse kleurige dag voor je wordt. Veel plezier!

  6. whitney Says:

    what a beautiful package! i think i would pass out with excitement if i saw that in the post!

  7. Anna Says:

    Very nice photos, look beautiful! I love colours too.

  8. Pascale Says:

    It’s full of ideas and creativity around here…

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