The last few days where overwelming. Yesterday was my last day on my internship, and I was totally surprised when Anna gave me a ticket to Berlin. I still can’t believe that she gave me such an amazing gift. So if you know a nice address to spend the night, or maybe have a room free in your house, or just know lovely places, exhibitions, coffeeplaces, … to visit. Tell me all about it.

I believe it’s the best thing to spoil yourself sometimes. Buy some lovely things, only do things you like, … . Today was a big spoiling-day. A nice diner with lovely peoples. A lot of fresh books and cd’s from the library. Lovely walks in the sun. Finally bought a book from Jamie Oliver, called “At home with Jamie”, it’s about season-cooking AND gardening. Doesn’t that sound as the best book ever ? Found 2 lovely dresses in a thriftstore. Make some plans for the future, …………………. . And a lot more.

Perfectly happy.

(oh, have a look at my tomato-plant. He changed so much in just one week. Unbelievable. And also 2 of my advocado’s are opening. Can’t wait to see the first little leaves and roots comming out. )


11 Responses to “Oooh.”

  1. Sencillez Says:

    dear hermine,
    my bf lives in berlin unfortunately i do not else i would invite u to stay with us but in case u feel the urge to eat some delicious icecream i can recommend u “die eismacher” in berlin kreuzberg. they are located in the bluecherstrasse and have wonderful selfmade icecream. do u already know when u are going to berlin? who knows maybe i’ll be visiting my bf than we could go together and have some scoops?
    have a nice sunday ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Keia Says:

    Oh! I love that book by Jamie! It has the best recipes in it and all his gardening tips too. I am excited for you for your trip, sounds like a dream ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. inge Says:

    wat een groen en fris weekend, en een prachtig afscheidsgeschenk, als dat niet getuigt van waardering!

  4. angelica Says:

    oh so exciting you are going to berlin! hope you have a great time there! i also have all jamie oliver’s books even though my cooking skills are actually non-existent. i am also happy for your plants! take care!

  5. Mandy Says:

    How lovely (wish I lived in Berlin, you could stay with me) …. That Jamie book is great, I love it, and your little tomato plant does look very happy !!!

  6. inge Says:

    Zag net dat deze blogdame in Berlijn was:

  7. Jacilyn Says:

    Have fun in Berlin. Such a nice gift!

  8. SaRaH Says:

    I’m going to Berlin (the 1st time) in july. We’re staying in Michel Berger Hotel who seems made up from a dream. Can’t wait to be there.
    When are you living?

  9. Neus Says:

    I’ve just discovered your blog via Prunus! I really like it!! Very nice!!

  10. magdalena Says:

    Dear Hermine,

    how wonderful that you will visit Berlin. Please greet this wonderful city also from me! I lived there just 6 months but in this time i really felt in love with it. You should visit the “Mauerpark” and at weekends you’ll have there the great Mauerpark Fleamarket which is always a visit worth! You have to visit the Filmmuseum at the “Potsdamer Platz”. I especially loved the entry and the first impressions…(but I won’t tell you about it here, because you should see it on your own!, that will be much more fun ๐Ÿ™‚ And maybe you’ll find the way to Frau Tulpe. It’s a beautiful small shop with fabric and accessoires at the VeteranenstraรŸe 19! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Hope you’ll have a great time!
    Yours, m.

  11. Anna Says:

    I love this post, it makes me so happy to read! ๐Ÿ™‚ I totally agree, spoiling yourself is wonderful. And that Jamiebook is my favourite (and I’m a big Jamie-fan)!! it’s so beautiful and so many good ideas worth considering. My favourite part is the one about his chickens strolling around in his garden, beautifully written and shows that he seems to be a good person, that makes the book even better. And the recepies! yummi. Long since I made something from it, have to do it soon ๐Ÿ™‚ Again, lovely post, and lovely pictures. All the best to you! /Anna

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