Shades of green.


Flowers on the train.
View, with a self-made-mobile, when I lay down in bed.
My own packages for my seeds, and a snowflake crochet.
My first little tomato-plants.

Hope you all have a wonderfull start of the week. This is my last week on my internship, so it will be busy to leave everything behind in a good way. Untill soon, my hearts.


16 Responses to “Shades of green.”

  1. coco Says:

    your tomato, is it hard to grow? I am thinking about
    growing one too.

    I like 5th photo. very cozy room and love the color of your belongings.

  2. […] a few days ago, put them in little enveloppes and gave them shelter in my pretty pot. I saw Hermine did so […]

  3. Mdmslle Says:

    This crochet snowflake is so beautiful! I can imagine more of it for christmas time! Your bed reminds me of my old one, standing in my child room. The most comfortable bed ever, but unfortunatly don’t fitting for two!

  4. Marion Says:

    a collection of lovely things!

  5. angelica Says:

    love these photos!

  6. Abraham. Says:

    Ach, hoe goed jou te zien met zo’n bos mooie seringen!
    Prachtig mobile en een ledikant dat jeugdherinneringen oproept aan
    logeerpartijen als kind bij oude oud-tantes…

  7. Jessica Says:

    your bed looks so cozy! i love the mobile, and congrats on almost finishing up your internship. i’m having a very busy week too, and am looking forward to some downtime.

  8. gracia Says:

    I hope your tomatoes grow big and strong. A rewarding crop to grow at home.

  9. Studio Meez Says:

    Veel plezier op je laatste dag stage vandaag!

    Zo’n mooie schoenen (ben een beetje jaloers)!

  10. Julie Says:

    thank you thank you thank you!! So lovely, see my post as well. Will send you something soon as well!! kisses

  11. Sencillez Says:

    so lovely all this green
    and violet
    and babyblue

  12. Alicia Says:

    what a lovely bed! and the colours , and all! πŸ™‚

  13. Elke Says:

    Uw bed! Zo fijn!
    Ik zou iedere nacht met plezier gaan slapen, haha

  14. Superleuke schoentjes! πŸ™‚

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