Wish you all a happy Easter. Hope you all enjoy eating delicious chocolate eggs, a beautiful Easter-brunch and the sun on your faces.

I had already a lovely weekend, worked at my favourite shop (it’s like vacation for me to work up there between all those lovely things, plants, …). Took care of my plants, and sow some new things like tomatoes, courgette, pumpkin, lemmon, …. . I also give my advocado’s a new look with these lovely sticks. They reminds me of Renilde’s beautiful mobiles.

Today I have a busy day, with sewing a bag for me and a friend, set up my weavingloom and start weaving again, write some letters to some of you. Oh, that reminds me of saying thank you to Charlotte, Guusje and Geneviève for their amazing letters. Soon I’ll show you what they send to me. Thank you so much, your letters make my days even more beautiful !

I’m so happy that I can find my favourite flowers again in the grass. Happy weekend !

I look forward to see the pictures of ‘the-Mieke-Willems-girls’, because they have always such a beautiful Easter together (look up here for some pictures of their Easter-brunch a year ago).


13 Responses to “Easter.”

  1. Mdmslle Says:

    Wish you also a wonderful Easter-weekend! And that your avocados will grow soon, you have so many, there must be one getting roots!

  2. These are my favourite flowers too 🙂 Very nice, long for them so much to come here! Hope you have a wonderful Easter! /Anna

  3. Anne Says:

    Altijd zulke leuke plaatjes op jouw blog! Fijne zondagavond!

  4. Lisa Says:

    Je avocado’s zijn prachtig nu! Wat een goeie ideeën heb jij toch altijd. En het lijkt wel alsof wij niet in dezelfde winkel werken, nooit meer samen gewerkt sinds die ene keer met kerst. Fijne week, Hermine!

  5. Mandy Says:

    Just lovely Hermine,and your hair looks so pretty.

  6. Insomnia Says:

    Hey, Hermine! Nice to find u here, mooie blog, ik volg jou 🙂

  7. alexandra Says:

    lovely photos ; )


  8. Inger Marie Says:

    Dear Hermine, thank you very much for a wonderful letter! I just found it in our letter box after we came home from our country house in sweden. Such a nice gift!

  9. Jessica Says:

    beautiful, Hermine. 🙂 i’m excited to see the avocados in a couple weeks.

  10. magdalena Says:

    your hair looks so lovely, pretty and cute!
    wish you good luck with the avocados!

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