Paper bag.


I had such a lovely day with my dear friends, I love them so much. We had a lot of coffee’s at great places in Antwerp, went to the Momu to see the exhibition about knittings, did a photoshoot for my internship.

The photoshoot was about this bag, it’s a great design from studio-AnnaMariaCornelia, and it was my task to make lovely pictures of it. I’ll show you a little little little bit now, but soon you can find more of it on the website.

(Thank you so much Noémie and Lieke for being my great models !)


9 Responses to “Paper bag.”

  1. Lieke Says:

    hihi het was een heerlijke dag! Ik heb genoten! Treinen reden gelukkig op tijd:) Tot snel lieve dames!

  2. if jane Says:

    oh nice!!! and are you wearing a skirt or dress? love the pattern!

  3. Jessica Says:

    Hermine, I am so envious of your Belgian universities! x

  4. dominika Says:

    hi H., the bag is really awesome, do you know how to get one of these?

  5. Mandy Says:

    These are just great … and the bag is amazing !!!
    Sounds like a nice friends.

  6. Jessica Says:

    You’re so talented, Hermine. 🙂

  7. Alicia Says:

    oh, I like a lot the photo with the bags. the clothes are really nice!

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