My favourite waste of time … .(4)


Walk and collect.

I love walking in the city, it makes me feel free. I started collecting feathers, because they are so beautiful. I only found some grey feathers from pigeons, and hope, one day, I’ll find some colourfull ones. This morning I found a new feather (look at the little walk-walk-walk-movie) and a blue horse during my walks.

Wish you all have a wonderfull start of the new week !


10 Responses to “My favourite waste of time … .(4)”

  1. Mdmslle. Says:

    Hej Hermine, nice to hear that your workshop was such a success! I think it is wonderful to tell students about your work and experiences! I love your feather collection, do you have any plan with it? I’ve started to collect snail shells a few years ago, but I just put them in a frame or lay them next to a plant. Wish you a wonderful and sunny week!

  2. karen Says:

    leuke schoenen heb jij!
    Waat heb je ze gevonden?

  3. Anna Says:

    Hi Hermine!I saw your comment on my post it’s nice to hear from you.
    Happy Easter!

  4. Studio Meez Says:

    Hele mooie verzameling. Die veer met witte stipjes is m’n favoriet.

  5. Inger Marie Says:

    I love your walk-movie! I also loke walking and walking through the city discovering new little spots and hidden treasures.

  6. Jessica Says:

    Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL, feathers.

  7. oh lijkt me een mooie voor op onze jaszakschatten site!
    brutaal vroeg ik: mogen we deze erop plaatsen? šŸ™‚

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