The workshop went well, I never been so nervous. I forgot to tell them some things, because of the nerves. But it was a nice way to ‘learn’ how to teach, it’s very difficult. Oh, and thanks you all for your sweet comments. I’m always getting happy of all of your nice words.

This sunday I will continue the writing to all of you nice people. I did some of them already a week ago. But I want to post them all at the same moment, monday ! I’m getting so happy of making you all some little packages, all different, something personal for every character. So exiting. (So if you still want a letter, please send me your address by mail. Thank you !)
And I’m not only like to send letters, I also like to receive some. This week this lovely package arrived at my home. And I’m so so so so happy with it. Thank you so much, Chiara, for all those beautiful gifts.

Grow little advocado’s, grow.


6 Responses to “Soon.”

  1. Wonderful to hear that your workshop went well! I would have been so nervous too! And wonderful gloves you get, they are so lovely! Have a nice Friday!

  2. coco Says:

    ah, you got lots of lots of abvocado growing…

  3. chiara Says:

    🙂 ik sta op je prachtige blog.

  4. Jessica Says:

    I need to plant that many avocados, just in hope of getting just ONE to sprout. Also, I put “Send Hermine mail” on my to-do list for next week. 🙂 Enjoy your Friday, friend!

  5. éva-mona Says:

    Hello Hermine,
    I am new around here and I wanted to tell you that I infinitely love the poetics of your blog and that I took the liberty of adding you to my fresh and new blogroll… xxx

  6. andreia Says:

    Hello Hermine! I would like to send you a letter from Lisbon, Portugal. Your blog makes me happy. Send me your address and I will be so pleased to send you something beautiful 🙂

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