The concert of Agnes Obel, yesterday, was like a dream. So fragile and honest. I really love artist who are modest and pure, that makes them so much more.

Today I’m preparing a workshop I will give tomorrow at a university in the Netherlands. It will be about weaving, and how to be creatif with a technique. I’m really nervous, and hope that everything will be ok.
So I did some baking, flower searching, planting, visiting, reading and writing to calm down a bit. It works.


26 Responses to “White.”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Mooie foto’s, Hermine. Je kleedje ziet er prachtig uit. Veel succes met de workshop!

  2. Grijze Dagen Says:

    What a lovely opportunity, you’ll be great!

  3. Sophie Says:

    wow, je kleedje! leuk dat je het dan toch hebt gekocht.
    veel succes morgen met de workshop! x

  4. Congratulations to this chance! You will do a great job & I am looking forward to your report about it! I wish you all the best for your big day!

  5. Studio Meez Says:

    Zoals gewoonlijk, hele mooie foto’s! Leuk bureautje trouwens. Je gaat dat heel goed doen morgen!

  6. Tora Says:

    can`t wait to see it blossom like that here in Oslo, Norway! thanks for giving a glimpse of what I can look forward to 🙂 and thanks for inspiring me!!

  7. succes met de workshop hermine!! ik hoop natuurlijk op fotos :^)

  8. Anna Says:

    It looks so beautiful, love your pictures. Good luck with the workshop! /Anna

  9. Anne Says:

    Mooi die tweede! Veel succes met de workshop!

  10. Abraham Says:

    Veel succes met je workshop bij ons in Ned.!!!
    Beeldschone jurk,Hermine.
    En wat een mooie bloesemtakken, lijkt wel meidoorn.

  11. Your blog is always so delightful and beautiful. I love coming here and looking at inspirational photos. Good luck with the workshop! How exciting is that?

  12. coco Says:

    your lovely photos make me stay calm…
    thank you. I like your dress too❀
    good luch with tomorrow !!

  13. Jessica Says:

    You’re so talented–you’ll do great! Thanks for the reminder of things to calm nerves. I’m feeling a bit stressed out today too, so I planted, read, and did some baking.

  14. Alyson Says:

    I wish I could attend your workshop. You’ll do great!

  15. magdalena Says:

    Wish you the best with your workshop! Your dress looks beauteous!

  16. Marion Says:

    Good luck for the workshop.
    I’m sure, everything will be ok!

  17. Shirley Says:

    This is such a sweet post, love all the white in it.

  18. Inger Marie Says:

    Beautiful photos- and good luck with the workshop!

  19. gini Says:

    i love your desk! i need more green plants in my home!!

  20. sara Says:

    good luck with your workshop! id like to weave again, did a few times with my grandmothers when i was younger. your desk is beautiful.

    (waarom schrijf ik in engels?)

  21. alessandra Says:

    beautiful set of photos.
    hope your workshop went well.

  22. mar Says:

    I know you can do it very well!

  23. Mandy Says:

    Lovely …. I’m a bit late, hope it went well !!!

  24. Dat schriftje heb ik ook (gegeven aan een vriendin)!
    Super leuk van die workshop! Ik vind weven echt fijn, ik slijt uren in de textielwerkplaats op school 🙂

  25. Els Martens Says:

    Mooie foto van je werktafel: sfeervol.

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