Love to work in my inspiration-book, love the search for right pictures, cut them out, tape them at the right places. In this way every thing in my head gets more clear, that makes me happy. Now I can go for it, just a few weeks of my internship and than I can start back with my personal projects. Can’t wait, because I have a head full of new ideas.

Oh, I also want to show you those two things. First of all the lovely window of ‘essentiel’, love those flower belts a lot. And then this wonderfull street-game. I always pass this door during my walks, but I just discoverd it this weekend. Isn’t it lovely ?! It fortune your day, just by pushing the button. It’s like a dream !


13 Responses to “Inspiration.”

  1. Anna Says:

    Very nice! I like your inspiration book, looks fantastic. I also just have a couple of weeks left on my internship, I understand very much what you mean. It will be nice to have time to make own things. And I get very curious: what kind of things does the fortune wheel come up with? wonderful idea!

  2. Toevallig heb ik vandaag een truitje van Essentiel aan. Ik vind het altijd fijn om te zien als iemand het merk kent.

  3. Jessica Says:

    SO INSPIRING. I’ve been so busy at work too, and haven’t had time for personal projects. But I have the weekend off soon!

  4. anne Says:

    Mooooi je inspiratieboek!

  5. sara Says:

    prachtig je scarpbook! wat voor personal projects hat je in gedacht?
    en ik zou graag mijn fortune for today willen weten!

  6. Studio Meez Says:

    Heel leuk je inspiratieboek. Ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe ideeën en projecten!

  7. Grijze Dagen Says:

    Hoe tof! Die fortune teller! Waar bevindt die zich?

  8. inge Says:

    Ik word nu wel heel nieuwsgierig!

  9. Inger Marie Says:

    Your inspiration book looks fantastic! So happy I found your blog!

  10. Lovely World Says:

    I like your book very much. It is nice to organize all those visual ideas in a neat package.

  11. Paula Says:

    Hoi Hermine,

    leuk je blog tegen te komen, ziet er erg mooi uit! Bedankt ook voor je tijd vandaag, ik vond het prettig met je te kletsen over wat ons bezig houdt.

    lieve groeten,

  12. Els Martens Says:

    Heel fijn zo meekijken in jouw inspiratieboek.

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