What I love.


A little food-experimenting today. I made some tiramisu with speculoos and kiwi, I think it will be ‘jummy’.
I also want to show you my 3 cats, the black one is Emile, the red one is Pupuce and they gray one is Fifi. I love them so much, and enjoy to see them lie down in the sun, sleeping. But for these pictures I had to wake them up, hope they don’t mind.
I’m also finishing a chrochet blanket, but I can’t show you any pictures of that project because it’s a present for a pregnant-friend. It still have to be a surprise for her.

Enjoy your sunny sunday.


8 Responses to “What I love.”

  1. Sencillez Says:

    Hello Emile, Fifi and Pupuce 🙂
    Just coming back from a walk with my dogs on this sunny sunday and exactely know what u mean if u say u love them so much. A nice sunny rest-sunday for the 4 of u too 🙂

  2. gini Says:

    lovely photos!! i want some tiramisuuu!

  3. angelica Says:

    these cats look so very cute! and i have never tried tiramisu with kiwis! looks yummy!

  4. adrià Says:

    i love your hair!

  5. inge Says:

    het is nog maar ochtend maar ik krijg al weer zin in een dessert???? de koffiekan is prachtig (in het kookboek – gewoon lekker- staat er een soortgelijk ex. met blauwe bloemen…)
    koffietje en dessertje na het ontbijt? moet kunnen.

  6. Mandy Says:

    I adore your cats … they are lucky to have such a lovely owner !!!

  7. marieds Says:

    Beautiful cats!!! I love them too…We have 5…

  8. Lisa Says:

    Je tiramisu ziet er heerlijk uit. Goed idee om het met fruit te combineren, maakt het zeker een pak minder zwaar. Leuke foto’s met je katjes!

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